Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 3, 2008

Rainy Days & Mondays . . .

OK. So I’m back at work and can I just say that I am thrilled to be here.  🙂  In reality, I am thankful to have a J.O.B. that provides for my family and has good benefits.  You know those benefits are sometimes worth more than the pay.  I digress.  I came in this morning with a little, teeny, tiny attitude. It turns out that attitude makes me work faster.  Who knew! 

DS #1 is sick today.  Thank goodness my Mama is watching him.  She threatened me though about what would happen should she get what he’s got.  Pray for us all!

 I have not gotten pictures posted yet, but the agenda is to figure it out this evening.  I did have myself some retail therapy yesterday.  I had birthday money (it’s none of your business how old I am) burning a hole in my pocket.  I called Amber (at the urging of her hubby – he said she’d been cooped up and needed to get out – whose need was it :)) and asked if she’d like to go with me.  She did!  Retail therapy is always more effective when done in pairs.  Anyway, where did I relieve myself of my small windfall you ask?  Big Lots.  No joke!  They had the cutest baskets and some pampering stuff and just what I needed for on top of my walnut cabinet in the living room.  I don’t know if this means I’m a great bargain shopper, in desperate need of therapy or if this is truly how sad the state of things has become in my life.  Seriously, Big Lots has all kinds of really cool stuff.  If you have not been lately, you should go!

 If I get the picture thing figured out, I’ll show you my fantastic buys too!  Ooooo!  Isn’t this all so exciting?!?!

Do you have any retail therapy stories or hints to share?

Blessings & Hugs!  Hope your families are all well! Elizabeth

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