Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 10, 2008

Conversations at home

No one could have ever prepared me for what life with four children would be like – especially since I was an only child.  I love being around all my cousins growing up.  It always seemed so exciting.  I didn’t know that my house would resemble theirs.  Exciting has now become chaos.  Most  of the chaos deals with who is telling on whom and lack of communication.  There’s lots of talking going on at any given momment, but not much communication.  Let me give you an  example.  Friday night, after I put the three boys to bed, I was having a phone conversation.  We have this funny rule in our house that once you’re in bed, you stay there until morning or unless you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  (It’s always good to divert a crisis.)  Anyway, the boys seem to think this rule does not apply to them.  Inveriably, someone gets up to inform me of a capital offense taking place in their room.  Back to Friday night, I’m having a conversation on the phone and DS #1 comes to tell me of a hideous act taking place in the bunk beneath him. Evidently, DS #2 was picking his nose and placing what he found on his own pillow.  Now, I’m not condoning this act at all.  No way.  I find it disgusting and dirty and I’m sure the genes that encourage him to do this did not come from me.  However, how did DS #1 see his brother doing this in the dark?  Did he transform himself into a monkey and hang upside down from the top bunk?  Does he have a secret trap door in the top bunk from where he can spy on bottom bunk?  Does he have x-ray vision of which I am unaware?  These are questions that I am not able to answer at this time due to an ongoing investigation.  After I told DS #1 that he was not supposed to be out of bed, I concluded our conversation with what any mother at that time of night, trying to seek peace, would say.  “If DS #2 want to sleep on a pillow he’s put his own boogers on, and have them in his hair, well, that’s his business.  Now go to bed!  DS #2 – Quit picking your nose!”  If that’s not a good answer, I don’t know what is.  🙂   Also, if anyone knows of any classes I could take on how to deal with these situations, please feel free to contact me.  I’m always looking for ways to improve.



  1. I love this one!!! It was even funnier this time!!!

  2. Elizabeth, this is really good! I have enjoyed catching up on your last several blogs. I LOVE reading blogs, and even have a bookmarked section just for them. I will now gladly add this one to it! Blog on, sister, blog on….

  3. I love you and your family! And I want to thank you for the naration of your little story. I hope you realize the gift you have for writing and your performances are amazing also.
    I know you have a higher calling!

  4. […] going to take you back to my first conversations with the kiddos.  This one dealt with the boys talking in bed about boogers.  You will want to revisit this, I’m sure.  […]

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