Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 11, 2008

More Conversations

My children are a never ending spring when it comes to making me laugh – and feel a little insane.  I thought I would share a recent conversation with my Dear teenage Daughter.  God bless her little heart, the hormones make her a wee bit of an airhead at times.  Those times also make me love her a little more.  A couple of weekends ago, we were all doing our own thing.  DH and I were watching an afternoon movie, the boys were in their rooms, tied down – I mean resting and DD was in her room playing her Nintendo DS and listening to her ipod.  All of the sudden there was a big BOOM!  The boys, obediant as they are, did not get up (maybe they really were tied down), but DD came from her room and said, “What was that?!?”  I, in all my wisdom, told her it was a transformer.  She, in all her knowledge, said, “The boys can throw those things that hard?”  “No dear.  Not a Transformer toy, a transformer that provides power to power lines. ”  Gotta love her! 

DH thought he was clever last night too.  On Monday nights he meets with a friend for prayer and fellowship. They meet at 6:30 and sometimes don’t get home until around 9ish.  He and his friend talk longer than I ever thought possible for him, but I’m glad he has someone to bond with.  Anyway, when we went to bed last night, I was cold and shivering.  He told me I was sounding like him.  (He ALWAYS shivers and shakes when he first comes to bed.) I told him that the longer couples are together, the more they start to act like each other.  He told me that must be why he and his friend are able to have such long conversations – I’m a little bit of a talker.  Ha Ha.  He laughed so hard I was afraid he may have and accident in bed.  Thank goodness he didn’t.

 I’ve save the best for last.  Last night while DH was gone, the boys began to wrestle. I know, it’s hard to believe the little angels would do such a thing.  I was in the kitchen and hear DS #2 tell me DS #3 is sitting on his head.  I tell DS#3 to get off his brother’s head.  He does and then DS #2 informs me of the whole ugly incident and ends with , “And his bottom smells like big potty Mom!”  Poor kid.  I suppose we’ll add this to the list of therapy subjects.  Our house is so refined.  

Have a good one!  Blessings & Hugs



  1. Big potty….as opposed to little potty? And I LOVE the Katie story. That is a very honest mistake. I mean, Transformers do have a lot of power to them. 🙂

  2. I woke up this morning thinking how lucky I am to have people like you in my life. Thank you so very much for being my friend…my prayer and accountability partner. I am truly blessed and I wish for you all the happiness and joy that life can bring…like laughter til you wet the bed kind of joy!

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