Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 27, 2008

Thank You BooMama and a Tribute to Outback

Oh yes!  Thank you BooMama for bringing back fond memories of my love affair with Outback Restaurant.  (Before you take a trip down memory lane with me, hop over to and leave a comment to be entered for a $25 certificate to Outback.  Woo Hoo!)  Outback was the first place DH took me on a date.  Oh!  Those were the days!  It was on that first date that we shut the place down talking with each other and sharing our lives up to that point.  It was on that very date that DH learned something very important about me and I knew he knew when he said, “I’ve never seen anyone enjoy their food as much as you do.”  Now, if that doesn’t make you swoon ladies, I don’t know what will.  A man that notices his woman.  I need not say more about that.  We went there a lot on dates.  I love, love, love the Alice Springs Chicken!  Those dates led to me falling madly in love with my big, strappin’ man.  Well, that and the Alice Springs Chicken I could get for free when I was with him.  🙂  Dear me!  I’m getting a little worked up and I want to keep this family friendly so I’m now going to segway to trip to Outback with some girlfriends.

 It was just about a year ago when the women from our church caravanned, or shall I say minivanned,  to see Chonda Pierce at a nearby auditorium.  If you’re not familiar with Chonda Pierce, she’s a Christian comedian and she’s hilarious!  I sometimes like to be by myself since I was an only child and now have 4 children and a husband.  I thought I was feeling that way that night, but when we met in the church parking lot, DF Angie said, “Oh, get in the van and ride with us.  We’re stopping to eat afterwards.”  So, of course I didn’t want to be rude and say no; I got in.  (Also, remember how much I enjoy my food?)  On the way to this other town, I freshened up my make up and shared in polite conversation.  We got there, went in, found seats, sang worshipful songs, laughed so hard at Chonda that we rotated bathroom breaks, and sang some more.  Amen!  (Short aside, Chonda had a calling that night to share about her battle with depression and her show was a little longer than usual.  It was all spiritfilled and blessed though.  I share this to let you know we got out a good 30-40 minutes later than anticipated.)  It’s important to know we got out “late” because the city we were in is in a different time zone – an hour ahead.  Just so we’re all on the same page, 9:00pm in our lives is 10:00pm in the city.  OK, we leave the venue and hike several block to our vehicles. The plan was that we all end up at the same place because after all, we were just at Women’s Unity Night and what unites women more than sitting around a table to eat and talk? We first went to, I believe Texas Roadhouse and they were closing any minute, next was Bob Evans or maybe IHOP.  IHOP was packed and Bob Evans was closing.  So next we tried Denny’s.  It too was filled to the brim with people spilling out their doors.  After several conversations between the minivans, it was decided we could all go to McDonald’s.  Ughh.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the Golden Arches fries and cheeseburgers, but if I’m going to have a treat, I want it to be something that I can’t get at home.  I can get McDonald’s at home.  I believe those of us in the minivan I was in were all a bit disappointed.  We reluctantly pulled into the parking lot with everyone else.  (You know, the Bible does describe us as sheep.)  We got out and were walking to the doors of the Golden Arches and something (I’d like to think this was devine revelation) told me to look to my right.  I obeyed and it was glorious!  There it was!  The light was beaconing us as they do on a runway strip for a plane.  I heard it say, “Come to me my child and you will feast.”  That light was the sign for Outback Steakhouse.  Because it was on, I knew they were still open.  I quickly shared this with my friends and we immediately loaded back up to go to the land of milk and honey.   The were a little skeptical at first, but we walked up to the doors and the posted hours said they would be open long enough for us to eat.  Halleluiah!  God is good all the time and all the time God is GOOD!   We were so excited!  We were like a bunch of giggly teenagers.  We had hit a natural high because we would not be dining on a value meal, we would have a feast!  After we were seated, Angie felt obligated to call the poor lost sheep at the Golden Arches and tell them of our good fortune.  Do you believe they did not want to rejoice with us?  As I said before, we were, well I might go so far as to say, hysterically happy.  We had just had fellowship with the Lord, other women and got to laugh with Chonda.  Angie, being germ conscious, offered us hand sanitizer as we prepared to order our food.  We were in one of those moods that someone could have said, “I have a huge pimple on my face!” and it would have made us double over in laughter.  I did say to the waitress taking our order, “I know we’re acting a little like we’re tipsy, but really we’re not.  Please bear with us.”  Her reply was, “I know.  I can smell it.”  Heavens to Betsy!  We had not been drinking.  We’re Baptist for Pete’s sake!  You can’t be Baptist and drink!  Turns out the hand sanitizer had an alcohol odor to it.  Way to go Angie.  Take Wendy, Janet and myself down with you baby!  You know though, the four of us were having such a good time that we didn’t give it a second thought.  We enjoyed French Onion soup, Alice Springs Chicken, Cheese Fries and soda – I really mean it – soda to drink.  I’d hate to think what the night would have been like if we had been drinking.  I’ll back up just a bit.  When we were driving from restaurant to restaurant, there was a point where we could drive through a parking lot to get from one place to another.  I believe we were going from Denny’s to McDonald’s.  Angie was driving, Wendy was shotgun, Janet and I were in the back.  She (Angie) started driving and decided she could go between two buildings to get to the road we needed instead of going back in all the traffic.  She’s driving, driving, driving and all of the sudden she stops.  “Is this a road?  Can I get through here?”  Wendy, being fun but ever level headed said, ” Ang, do you have your lights on?”  Oops!  Angie, “Uh, no I don’t. Oh!  That’s better!”  It’s a good thing she turned the lights on because there was no road in front of us.  See why I said it’s a good thing we don’t drink?  All said and done, it really was a great night of friendship, fun and bonding.  We’re going to do it again this year.  It’s in a week or two and we’re going to see Anita Renfroe.  We’ve decided we must be together again, but I’m not sure we’re letting Angie drive.  (Sorry Ang.)  The other girls were so inspired by our trip to Outback that we’re going to do “call ahead seating” and we can all experience the joy that we felt that night a year ago.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out. 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Love it! We had such a GREAT time that night – looking forward to a repeat!

  2. What a great night with some great girls! Can’t wait till the end of the week.

  3. Must say, I’m a little hurt by the driving comment. Let’s keep in mind that it was very late and, you know a lack of food to feed the brain cells…Give me a chance to redeem myself in the drivers seat!
    I’m looking forward to being with all of you again!

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