Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 29, 2008

Who Wants a Contest?

OK – So don’t get too excited.  It’s really more of an opinion poll.  I’m so sorry, I don’t have access to freebies, but maybe someday.  Keep coming back to check and when you do, check in with a comment. 🙂 

 Here’s the deal.  Our church youth group is making a cook book to raise money for their mission trip to Oklahoma in July.  The contest is – drum role please – Name That Cookbook!

The options are:

A. Heavenly Recipies (Too Cute)

B. Our Daily Bread and Other Recipes (Yawn)

C. Our Favorite Recipes (Too Traditional)

D. More than Manna (How Clever!)  (If you don’t know what Manna is, check out Exodus in the Bible.  It’s a good read)

E. How to Stuff Your Face the Baptist Way (Could be seen as offensive by some – but we really are good cooks)

Okee Dokee then!  Leave a comment as to which title you would choose and possibly a story about your favorite recipe.

Blessings and Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Of course I have alreaday told you but I really like “D” More than Manna!!!!! Hope it wins!!

  2. I like “D” also!

  3. I’m going with D, too!

  4. d is good and safe. I think a modified e might be best.

  5. I like Angie’s idea of a modified E. ie. “Baptist Homes and Gardens Cookbook”

  6. Ugh! I missed this contest! I didn’t look closely enough at the blog, and from the title I just thought it was that Boo Mama blog contest thing.
    Oh well, Amber said More than Manna won, and I think that is just precious! I love it!

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