Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Musings

It occured to me that I keep saying I’m going to post pictures, and then don’t.  I just haven’t had the opportunity to become blog savy, except for the writing part.  The before and after on my house wouldn’t be quite so stunning now.  The house is slipping back into it’s before state.  It would all be taken care of if I could just stay up til midnight and get up at 5am everyday.  I’m such a slacker!  Go ahead, leave a comment that reaches out and touches me up along side the head. 

Speaking, or writing, of comments, I did play around a bit and get some widgets on the site.  It has a counter of how many hits the site gets.  I thought for sure there were no more than 5 people that came and shared my slightly twisted sense of humor.  Who knew there are lurkers about.  Reveal yourself people!  I want to know who’s been here and who’s coming.  Plus, I’m just downright nosey.

 I’m also feeling I should explain the title.  Yes, I am shorter than 90% of adults in the United States, but I’m not really little – just working on it.  O00000!  I could do my own before and after.  I don’t know though, the pressure may be too much.  Also, I don’t really think having 4 children is an enormous family, but it is when you grew up as an only brat.  I know there are bigger families out there.  For instance, growing up I babysat for our neighbor.  She only had two children, but she was one of 13 kids.  It was a good Catholic family.  Everyone of them has a college degree.  No joke.  I can’t even get everyone of my to wipe properly.  Don’t laugh. We all have dreams.  It’s good to have them.  They’re something to strive for, you know?  

 On to the little darlins’.  Mornings in our house are always down right nuts.  This morning was no exception.  DD has been dying to wear her new capris to school, but the weather has not cooperated.  Today is the day I told her she could.  It was good.  She was a happy teenager.  Then it all came crashing down so quickly.  (I think it has something to do with her brain being in her pinky toe.  I’m sure standing on it creates a lot of pressure, so then it does not function so properly.)  DS #1 (you knew he was involved, didn’t you) said, “Mommy, I’m so excited about today!”  My reply was, “Why?”  DS #1, “Today is the day you promised to take me to lunch!”  Thank goodness they remember these things.  I vaguely remember promising him, but I’ve lost sleep since then. (I’m still having dreams about the critter.)  I, not wanting to look like a fool to DS #1 said, “You’re right!  We will!”  Immediately I get the “it’s not fair whine” from DD and she says, “What about me?!?”  I informed her that I’ve taken her to lunch before, allbeit that’s it been several years ago.  Then she actually said, “It’s not fair.”  I told her I knew that and it’s my job to maintain my reputation of being unfair and biased as long as children resided in my house.  Of course DS #2 and DS#3 felt obligated to chime in.  I told them all they do not live in a democracy and if they didn’t understand what I just said, the answer is no.  That in itself wasn’t too big a blow to DD, but what happened next will leave her day in ruins.  She couldn’t find her anklets.  It’s extremely important to wear anklets with the capris when you wear tennis shoes.  (I clearly don’t know these things because I myself had troubles finding socks and am currently wearing one knee high and one pant sock. Hey! At least they’re the same color.) I was blamed because I asked to borrow a pair several months ago.  (You knew it was my fault.)  The only socks she had were blue.  You can’t wear blue socks with your pink shirt and shoes.  Duh! (That was me, not her saying that.  If it were her, Child & Family Services may be knocking on my door now.  Just kidding!)  Then she couldn’t find her mascara.  She will now be the fashion flunky of the Jr. High.  Poor girl.  It’s really a blessing that the mascara is missing because it would just have run down her face and then who knows what the Jr. High fashion police may have been forced to do!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Oh, the drama of being a tween. I am so, so glad we only have to go through Jr. High once. I don’t think I could survive it a second time (although I guess I’ll have to in about ten more years…) Sigh.

  2. Not fair is just the rule in my house. If no one is saying “hey that’s not fair” then something is wrong.

  3. How was the dining experience at MickeyD’s…you’re an exceptional mama!

  4. You’re makine me look bad – your comment about lunch reminded me that Jake requested a lunch date about a week ago. He wanted to know why I never took him to lunch. I did find out his lunch time, but have not proceeded in taking him…. I’ll add that to my to-do list!

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