Posted by: simplyelizabeth | April 1, 2008

New Babies, Old Habits

Don’t new babies make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  You hold them and they just look angelic and peaceful.  We got a new baby in our family last Wednesday.  A little girl – Yay for girls!  Maybe we’re finally gaining on all those boys in the family.  DH is one of 4 boys – my poor MIL.  DH older brother has 2 boys, we have 1 girl and 3 boys, his younger brother has 1 boy and now 1 girl and the youngest brother has 2 girls and 1 boy.  ( Do you feel like you’re reading the “begats” in the Bible?) The odds are against those of us with two X chromosomes.  DH, the family and I have not gotten to welcome her personally because DH was out of town at the end of last week and was tied up all weekend too.  Last night the family loaded up to go see our new niece and cousin and take them dinner.  The boys were really excited because they got to play with their boy cousin, who is not so new.  He and DS #2 are the same age – they’ll be in Kindergarten next year.  It’s always exciting to go to a different house to play.  We went through the routine of you cannot touch the baby if you have not washed your hands and don’t put your face in her face and breathe on her.  (They’re little boys and come equipped with germs and dirt no matter how hard you try to wash it off.)  DD was excited to see her because she often feels out numbered in our family and now there’s another girl.  We got there and the boys ran off to play.  I really don’t think they even saw the baby, just new and different toys.  (Toys are much better than any baby that you can’t touch and doesn’t wrestle.)  DD daughter and I Ooooed and Ahhhed over the new little one.  We held and cuddled her and it was nice to remember my little darlins’ were that way at one time – you know, not mobile or verbal.  DH admired from afar because guys generally have issues with holding someone else’s newborn.  We had a nice visit, but had to leave after about 45 min. because DD had a 4-H meeting and demonstration to do.  I feel it’s not necessary to explain what it’s like to take a child out of an environment they are enjoying.  DS #1 was obedient and put on his shoes and coat without threat. He looked in the bassinet at the new little one and was impressed at how tiny her ears were.  DS #2 sounded like a Civil Defense Siren, so we threatened bodily harm and it worked.  It’s a good thing the wee one has little ears because they enabled her to sleep through the whole thing.  DS #3 stood at the top of the stairs sobbing that he couldn’t go because he was scared too come down the stairs – never mind he ran up and down them 10 times earlier.  I went up to fetch him, because he’s the baby and you do what you gotta do.  I encouraged the boys to give hugs as we were leaving and DS #3 refused.  He’s really good at bulling.  It’s gotten him pretty much what he wants in life up till now, so I don’t see him changing tactics anytime soon.  I told him, fine, be a toad, and whisked him out the door.  The second we stepped foot outside, he wails that he wants to give hugs too.  Being the dutiful mother I am, I went back into the house so he could.  My SIL said, “He’s so adorable.”  I said, “Ya, we think so too.  You want to borrow him for awhile?”  She said, “Sure, anytime!” (She obviously delirious from the lack of sleep a newborn provides)  I told her I’d call to make arrangements.  J As I was carrying him down their front steps, DS #3 said, “I don’t want them to borrow me!  I want you!”  It’s good to be loved.  I think deep down he’s afraid if he goes someplace else, he won’t be the baby and they won’t enable him to continue on the way in the way he’s accustomed.  It’s bad when you have a co-dependent relationship with your 3 yo. 

A side note – The cookbook will be named “More Than Manna”

Another side note – If you’re missing a really exciting story, I’m working on one that will have your sides splitting.  Check for it at the end of the week. 


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