Posted by: simplyelizabeth | April 4, 2008

I Understand It, It’s Just I’m Confused.

Are you confused too?  DD gave me this quotable quote on the way home from work.  I’m loving it.  It’s regarding her pre-algebra homework.  (I remember feeling that way about math sometimes.)  You have to feel for the poor soul because earlier this week she was without anklet socks, which she considered a fashion neccesity, and she was without mascara.  Those things alone are enough to throw my poor teenage, blonde, hormonally challenged daughter into a funk for the whole week.  Then came the left jab – out of nowhere I tell you.   It was beautiful executed though.  I think it would have done Lenox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard  and Muhamed Ali proud. It was clean hit and took her down for the count.   DS #1 was in the seat behind her and said, ” If you’re confused, that’s the opposite of understand.  You can’t be both Sissy.”  Oh No He Didn’t!  The 7 yo just totally dissed the 13 yo.  Thank goodness they don’t sit next to each other.  Even though I was dying inside, I had to tell DS #1 to not push the subject.  She becomes very touchy where DS #1 is concerned.  She truly believes he did nothing short of ruin her life.  She was almost 6 when he was born and considered herself an only child.  Then HE came and upset the apple cart.  To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have been very happy with him either.   I’m glad he came.  He provides me with much entertainment.   Have a great one!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Poor DD, you just need to get her some chocolate to make it all better!!!

  2. Ha! Man, you have witty kids….well, one witty kid, one understandably confused one. 🙂

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