Posted by: simplyelizabeth | April 14, 2008

Monday Radomness

Hello out there!  Well, the weekend whizzed by, again.  (Have you ever heard anyone say, “I can’t believe how slowly this weekend went!  I’m sure glad it’s Monday!  Me neither.)  It was a good weekend though.  The little darlins’ and I went on a road trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Amish country and then went a little further to a children’s museum.  I don’t know why I bothered with the children’s museum, although we did have a lot of fun.  I think we could’ve stayed in the town my aunt and uncle live in and watched the horses and buggies go by.  You would have thought the boys were on a carnival ride with the excitement of seeing a horse and buggy.  DS #2 & DS #3 kept count of how many they saw.  DS #1 wanted to know why all of the men looked like Abraham Lincoln but with different hats.  We got home just in time for a quick bite and bed time.   So all in all we got to visit relatives (I love visiting and my uncle somewhat reminds me of my dad who’s passed on),  saw Amish men that look like Abraham Lincoln with horses and buggies, ate at McDonald’s, went to a hands on Children’s Museum, went back through Amish country to see more horses and buggies as well as have an ice cream and all of God’s creatures got along.  That’s a good day my friends.   Sunday was good too.  Our pastor preached from the Good Book, stirred me up and then after lunch my hubby took the kiddos to a skating party.  I got to stay home – ALONE!  Don’t tell me God isn’t in the miracle business anymore!  No maam!  I will dispute it with you toe to toe and nose to nose.  Yesterday was proof enough for me!  God is ever present, Jesus is ALIVE and I had the faith of a mustard seed that I too could have me some alone time at home.  AND, Sunday night was a good message too!  All about the power and necessity of prayer.  See – I told you so.  Amen.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth 



  1. Isn’t great when you spend that much time with them and they all get along, and you don’t come home wondering why you had children in the first place. I love those days when that happens, they seem to be so few and far between.

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