Posted by: simplyelizabeth | April 22, 2008

Thoughts of Randomness

Now that I’ve started blogging, I’m blank.  I talk a lot, so you’d think I could write a lot.  In all actuality, I feel a little “less than”  ever since I posted about our critter incident.  It’s hard to live up to that.  I will forge ahead, though.

This last weekend we had a mini-retreat at church.  It was good.  It was about journaling your spiritual journey.  I really liked it because it was about you growing up AND your spiritual journey.  There’s nothing more liberating than to look back and see how God has worked in your life.  I love it!  It empowers me and makes me more grounded at the same time.  Can’t get enough of Jesus, baby!  Also, when we Baptist women get together, there are always good eats.  It’s what we do.  We praise him with our mouths and then bless our mouths with goodies.  As Angie (you remember, the driver to Anita Renfroe and Outback) puts it, “When I think of retreat, I think of eat. ”  Feed them and they will come.  Yes ma’am!  Our Heavenly Father knows our hearts, minds and stomachs and wants to feed them all.  Amen.

Last night we had pictorial directory pictures for our new church pictorial directory. (Was that redundant?)  Can I just tell you, as an only child, it is a monumental task for me to get everything to go together clothing wise.  For whatever reason, when I was growing up, my mom and dad only got pictures of me.  We never had a family photo.  No one has ever taught me about coordinating picture clothing.  OK, so as for me and my family, we’ve done the whole jean shirt, khaki pants, and other type of matching shirt stuff.  I really wanted to use our Easter stuff, because, well, a lot of effort goes into dressing for Easter.  I think I made it work OK, but I just found the situation stressful.  Then there was the comment of my son that has us a little worried.  You can tell me what you think.  DS#1 said, “But Mom, this sweater isn’t going to work for spring!  It’s not the right color!”  Wow!  He’s something for sure.  Then DH said, “Great!  He’s going to be like my older brother, all concerned about clothes and how he looks.  You know, a metro-sexual.”  Wow again!  I didn’t know DH knew that term.  I’ve used it before, but, well you know, generally they don’t pay attention to you when you’re talking.  And double Wow!  He used it correctly.  Don’t get me wrong – DH is an extremely intelligent man.  I wouldn’t have married him and had his children if I thought otherwise.  It’s just he’s got A LOT of farm boy in him – rural America in him – not city terminology within him.  The whole experience was a little surreal.  I’m trying to contact some of Salvador Dali’s relatives to see if they can paint it for me.  I know – I just cracked myself up and you’re all wondering where it came from.  If you’re still wondering, you can find Salvador Dali somewhere on the world wide internet.  (I’m probably going to lose some readers over this one.) 

Well kids, hope you all have a great day!

Oh, btw, could someone please tell me how to make links within my post?  It’s driving me crazy and I don’t have the patience to figure it out.  It’s a good thing for my kids that DH is intelligent, isn’t it?  Hopefully, I haven’t handicapped them too much. 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Yep, now I know where Noah gets the “These pants dont match this shirt” or “Dad your not going out dressed like that”.

    For the links have you tried to cut and paste them in? Copy from the toolbar and paste. Some pages have a link that you can click on that will embed the page for you.

    Keep it up these rants are a joy for all of us.

  2. Mitch – Copy and paste would be too easy! I want to be able to put a word and have it highlighted so you just have to click on that. I know it sounds confusing, but all the other bloggers do it! Why can’t I?

    Also, I don’t rant – I share.

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