Posted by: simplyelizabeth | May 1, 2008


Well, it has been a week since I’ve been here to share life.  Lots of life has happened in the last few days.  Sunday night, as I was fixing dinner, the little darlins’ were in the back yard playing.  All four of them were playing.  I was feeling good that DD wanted to please DS #2 & DS #3 by “playing” with them at their request.  I was feeling blessed to have DH and the little darlins’ and just generally happy to be who I am and where I’m at.  About that time, DD comes in carrying DS#3, who is crying.  He had walked up the back steps and was going back down them when he missed the last two.  Oops!  He fell, hit his head and it hurt.  Well, duhuh!  He wanted his Daddy (he’d have had his Daddy deliver him if it were at all physically possible – he REALLY loves his Daddy) so his Daddy took him.  He was not calming as quickly as he normally does and then he told us his head, ear and neck hurt.  When he said neck, I was immediately concerned.  I asked him to point at where it hurt and it was his collar bone.  Yes, this is the same kid that broke his wrist two weeks ago.  He said he wanted to go back outside, so we let him to see if it was serious.  We went to the kitchen window to watch – DD was back outside so it was OK to send him.  He tried a couple of things and cried, then he asked DD to put him on the glider.  She went to pick him up and we had near hysterics.  Off to the emergency room, again.  (Do you think they ever give bulk visit discounts?  Maybe I could by a yearly pass with so many visits.)  Amber and Mitch were good enough to let us drop the others off at church with them and then they took the kiddos to their house.  Hey, there’s nothing like doubling the size of your family on a Sunday night when you’re trying to get ready for Monday!  Long story short or short story long, he broke his collar bone.  Yes we think there may be something else wrong besides, “He’s just a rough little boy.”  I will give him this – he does not let it slow him down. 

Let’s lighten the mood with some conversations from my children.  I will start with DS #3.  I have not put him in bubble wrap and I do let him still play outside.  Just a couple of days ago he came running in the house saying he had to pee.  (I prefer to say little potty – it just sounds better – and DS #3 prefers anything I do not)  I told him I’d help him with his pants.  It’s a problem for him with the arm in a cast and sling and the figure 8 clavicle strap.  I digress.  He did not want help.  He wanted to “pee on a tree.”  We live in town for goodness sake!  I said, “You can’t pee on a tree!  Go use the bathroom!”   He was insistant that he would pee on a tree.  I was insistant he would not.  He threw a temper tantrum because I would not let him go outside and pee on a tree.  He is so bull headed that he would not even go to the bathroom.  He went back out to play for another 15 minutes or so before he resigned himself to coming in and going to the bathroom with indoor plumbing.  I bet this scenario isn’t in any parenting book you can find. 

Now, for DS #1.  He goes to his grandma’s house after school for snack and homework.  When he has a Book-It certificate, they go to Pizza Hut for snack. This week grandma was telling him that next year DS #2 would be going to since he’ll be in kindergarten.  DS#1’s reply was, “You better tell him if he’s going to be in a restaurant out in public he can’t pick his nose.  It’s gross.  I see him pick his nose at home and I see where he puts it too.  He can’t do that at Pizza Hut.”  At least I know one of them listens.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Keeping your family lifted in prayer. It may be difficult to conceive that the difficulties you’re experiencing through your litigation and Seth’s injuries may be God’s way of preventing something far more severe from occurring. God knows the future and all potential futures just as clearly as He knows the actual present or past. Clearly He has a much better perspective from which to determine what we really need. Even from our limited, finite perspective, sometimes the most loving thing we can do will cause temporary pain.
    What father wouldn’t tackle his toddler to the ground to save him from a speeding car? Or what mother wouldn’t hurt her one-year-old’s feelings to keep her from drinking Drano? In fact, every life-saving or corrective surgery involves a bloody, invasive procedure followed by a long, painful recovery and some kind of scarring. Yet we not only willingly submit to this pain . . . we pay thousands of dollars for it…(speaking from experience)! God is our loving father! He is good; He is all-powerful; He is all-knowing; and He loves us…”this I know; for the Bible tells me so.”

  2. It’s good to know they listen somtimes – usually when we don’t want them to listen!! Glad you’re back to bloggin!

  3. Wendy – You are right on about the listening thing. I tell my kids the same thing my mother told me, “If you repeat what you’ve heard I will cut your tonge out.” Try it and see if works for you. 🙂

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