Posted by: simplyelizabeth | May 21, 2008

Belated again

So I intended to write Monday and now it’s Wednesday.  I need to go back and read my Road of Good Intentions blog.  You know where that road leads, don’t you?  On Monday, I intended to tell you about the wonderful evening ladies at our church had Saturday night.  It was a sort of Mother/Daughter banquet, but it was also very much a celebration Christian sisters.  We had a catered dinner, terrific decorations and women get up to speak about who was special in their life.  Most of the women who got up could not contain it to just one so they shared about two or three.  There were lots of tears.  (I know you know it was good because we got to eat together and cry together – what more does a woman want?)  There was a bit of a dessert problem, but I think it only affected a few people.  I’ll come back later and tell you about all the great stories and testimonies.

Today I go weigh in – I have not counted points like I should.  I am motivated to do so from here on out though, so I don’t feel like last week was a waste.  I’ll also check back and let you know how that went. 

I have a conversation from DS#2 to share.  He doesn’t seem to get as much blog time.  It must be because he’s a middle child.  Friday night I set out a whole chicken to cook.  I must admit, a whole chicken does not look appealing before it’s cooked.  DS#2 saw said chicken and said, “Ooooo! Gross!  Is that a chicken?”  I replied, “Yes and we’re having it for dinner.”  His response was, “Yuk!  Is it from a barn?”  To which I responded, “Yes DS#2, it is from a barn.  Chickens come from barns.  It’s where they live.”  Him, “Even chicken nuggets?!?”  Yes, I do feel like I may have possibly misjudged educating my son about farm life.  The good news is, he asked for seconds.  🙂

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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