Posted by: simplyelizabeth | May 21, 2008

I’m baaaaack!

Well, I went to Weight Watchers and the verdict was I pretty much stayed the same.  I do feel hope for this upcoming Weight Watcher week though because I started exercising seriously.  I’ve been exercising for most of the year, but it’s been half hearted.  I am now ready to commit to tracking my points and exerting more energy when I can.  I stayed for part of the meeting today.  I must say, I’m going to have to go for quality food and not quantity.  People were talking about the upcoming three day weekend and what to do at family gatherings and picnics.  They talked of potato salad and deviled eggs and how to make them more calorie friendly.  One of the suggestions was to mash cooked cauliflower and substitute it for yolks in deviled eggs.  You still use the same seasonings, but cauliflower instead of yolks.  These people were ooooing and aahhhhing and all I could think of was, “Yuk!”  Is this something God intended?  I don’t think so.  Do I feel that desperate?  Not yet.  I haven’t tried it, but honestly, I don’t think I’m going to.  The thought of it goes against many fibers in my being, of which God knitted together.  This too (the God knitting thing) tells me it’s not good! They even spoke of using mashed cauliflower instead mashed potatoes.  What is the world coming too!?!?  I would rather eat less and enjoy.  I hope this works – the eat less thing. 

Even though the scales did not make me sing with joy, I feel energized.  I feel an evening of purging coming on.  Yes, we really have that much to purge in our house.  I will of course have to cut back and work only on commercials when American Idol is on.  It’s the finale!  I believe after last night Young David will edge out Elder David.  I have been a fan of Elder David but Young David had his game face on last night.  They will both be fine either way, but I secretly hope for Elder David. 

Blessings & Hug, Elizabeth



  1. Hey, I am glad to hear that you are energized I wish we lived closer and we could help eachother. P.S. I have had cauliflower mashed and it is good if it is done right.

  2. Glad to hear our cookie binge on Saturday didn’t mess you up too bad. 🙂 It was almost worth it.
    I’ve heard of the cauliflower for mashed potatoes thing (never tried it) but I’ve never heard of the deviled eggs one, and I just think there is something fishy going on there. Are you sure the WW team leader (or whatever they are) doesn’t work for the Cauliflower Growers Association or something? They all seem to be PRETTY friendly with the little guy!

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