Posted by: simplyelizabeth | May 23, 2008

Oh Me! Oh My!

How did the week get by so quickly?  Yesterday I was home with DS #1.  His stomach was a bit upset.  It’s not like him to want to stay home from school, so I figured he was serious.  He wasn’t rolling around pain holding onto his tummy, but I could tell he was a bit off.  I shipped the other two off to the sitter and DD went to school.  He really liked the one on one time.  He liked it so much that his tummy hurt again this morning.  He’s at school today.  I told him he was going to go and see how he felt after he got there.  I told him if he started feeling badly to tell the teacher and the teacher could sent him to Nurse Janet.  I told him Nurse Janet would call me if there was a problem.  He said Nurse Janet would run the “scan thing” over his head and tell him he was OK.  I told him he could then celebrate that he wouldn’t miss out on the holiday weekend.  I don’t think that was the answer for which he was looking.  Do you? 

Now there’s my dear blonde daughter.  Some days I think she’s decided the blonde persona fits her and plays it up a bit.  Some days she’s one blonde joke after another.  Case in point – My DH teaches a beginning automotive class and small engines.  This week his hand got beat up by a weed whacker.  He was showing us his wounds.  We all gave sympathy.  DD piped up and said, “You shouldn’t get in a fight with an appliance.”  An appliance?  I don’t know that I ever thought of a weed whacker as an appliance.  I tried to help her reason it out by comparing it to a kitchen.  I said, you know you’ve got you large appliances and then the counter top appliances, but it just didn’t work.  She got an education from DH on the differences between kitchen appliances and power tools.  Poor Girl. 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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