Posted by: simplyelizabeth | June 3, 2008

I Love Me Some Music Memories

I’ve got other stuff I could say today, but after reading The Pioneer Woman’s post, I feel compelled to continue the theme here.  (BTW, go to her post immediately if not sooner and enter the Zune giveaway she’s hosting.)  She’s reminiscing about songs she listened to while growing up and how they can instantly transport you back in time to that very moment. 

My moment is my freshman year in high school and our Homecoming dance.  I was madly infatuated with Eric Helenthal.  Eric was a senior, tall, dark headed and I thought the man God intended me to marry.  He and his family sang gospel together and I found that attractive.  He was also easy on the eyes.  He played football and I was a cheerleader.  Sounds cute, doesn’t it.  The theme for the Homecoming dance was Young and Innocent from St. Elmo’s Fire.  What a terrific movie with the brat pack!  I was dying, literally dying to dance with Eric and finally, on the last dance, to the theme, he danced with me.  Mind you, I was 4’10” at the time and he was 6’2″ or so.  I could not lay my head on his shoulder because of our height difference so I put my ear to his belly button or somewhere slightly above.  I’m sure we looked funny and I know he was just appeasing an adoring little girl, but it was probably the sweetest dance I ever had.  He held me close and when it was over, he kissed me on the forehead and told me how sweet he thought I was.  Yes, I know this sounds corny, but I am.  It made my night.  I could barely sleep when I got home.  I could still tell you the smell of his cologne, the clothes we were wearing, the way he had his hair combed (it was naturally curly) and the exact spot in the gym where we danced.   Oh Eric.  I wonder where he is and what he’s doing.  I bet after he graduated and went on with life, he ended up marrying a short girl that looks something like me.  I’m sure I influenced his life and he’s thought about me as the one he turned down that got away.  I mean, was that even a question?   Of course not!

Do not think for a minute that I would rather have Eric than my own tall, strappin’, handsome man, because I wouldn’t.  I would share touchy feely memories of him with you, but they are way too steamy and I want to keep this a family friendly place to be.  Besides, I think I’ve given him all he can handle for awhile with that last post. 

Do you have any music memories?  Share with me and with The Pioneer Woman!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Hmmm…I have a dance memory like that from jr. high. Ah, memories. Glad you got your own Jeff to go with your Mutt. Or is it vice versa? I only know one is tall and one is short…

    So many songs to choose from. Who could pick just one?

  2. The memories music brings back, gotta love the IPOD it sends me down memory lane all the time. Most of the music I listened to was the screamer music that you had to be in an altered state to understand. I do remember alot but nothing I can put here. No, I do not hear voices…. hush I just told them I dont hear you.

    Do remember one that I can share. We had just dropped off a buddy at his girlfriends house in the not so nice part of East Tulsa. After about 20 minutes we all got bored and figured hey we can cruise around until he is ready. Well, 3 guys in a car, loud music and we have no idea where we are, chime the scary music please. Anyway we are driving around and pass by this house with these gang guys standing out front, we wave like idiots. A couple of minutes later we go by the same house with the same guys but this time they dont wave they stare. I think you know where this is going. Yes, we pass by a third time but this time they are not in the yard they are in the middle of the street. Once we stop, and not by choice, three get into our car and the others pile into there car and the big one in the back tells us to drive. At this point we all get a little nervous. After sometime the big one speaks and proceeds to tell us how we dont belong in his neighbor hood and what are we doing. After a lengthy explanantion as to why we are there he tells us to keep driving and if we could play some music. So we pop in what we had playing and let it rip. The big one in back liked our choice of music and decides to show us how to get out of the addition and than tells us to not come back here anymore. We pick our buddy up at the local quicktrip and head home. To this day whenever I hear “I love it loud” by Kiss I think Gene Simmons saved my life.

  3. Mitch’s story would have made me pee my pants.

  4. Elizabeth I have music memories like that too. I think I have one song for every boy I ever had a crush on how silly. Anyway I was reading a previous blog and I can totally see seth coming up next to Bill. I just laughed that was so priceless.

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