Posted by: simplyelizabeth | June 17, 2008

Lots of Stuff and a Little Bit More

It’s been a busy last week or so.  I had the beginning of last week off so DH and I could go to the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.  It was a good time.  I believe we’ve decided to go next year and take the kids too.  They have child care.  How awesome is that?!?!  We only went for the meeting the last two days and next year we want to go to the Pastors Convention as well.  It’s not just for Pastors.  They have great pastors that speak Sunday evening and all day Monday.  It may not sound exciting to you, but it totally floats our boat.  We still got to hear good messages on Tuesday & Wednesday.  It was so neat because you got to hear reports from seminaries and other entities that make up the Southern Baptist Cooperative program.  I know – unless you’re in it I may as well be speaking in tongues.  We heard some really great music too.  Keith & Kristyn Getty sang three songs and I was totally moved to tears.  DH got their CD for me (wasn’t that sweet)  and I’m listening to it now.  There was a power and reverence in their words that touched my heart and moved me in a way I haven’t been moved in a long time.  (Am I babbling?) 

I did have a happening while we were there.  We were going back to our car to go to the hotel Tuesday night and a man stopped us.  He asked if we were from there (Indy) and we said no.  He asked us if he could borrow $21 because that was what he was short to get his car back – it was towed because he parked in a no parking zone.  Did you catch the “borrow” part?  I know you’re already saying, “Tell me you didn’t give him the money.”  He was telling us about his daughter that he dropped off for a gymnastics thing they were having there too and other stuff.  My DH said he just didn’t know, we’d only brought a certain amount of cash and were not going to use a credit card and then he made a fatal error in judgement.  He differed the situation to my discretion.  Oh DH!  Have you not learned in these situations that I am willing to error on the side of compassion?  I mean come on!  We’d just spent the day at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting hearing how God is moving – hearing about His mercy and grace and compassion – heard songs of praise and adoration to our King – and now I’m supposed to tell this guy, “Sorry, even if you’re telling me the truth, you’re out of luck.”  I just couldn’t!  He took DH cell phone number and said he’d call to meet up with us.  Needless to say, we were just out the $21 bucks.  Oh well.  He probably needed it worse than I needed a big dinner on the way home the next day.  Besides, as I said before, I’d rather error on the side of compassion.  I don’t want to get to the Pearly Gates and hear Jesus tell me he’s disappointed in me for being stingy with $21bucks.  Of course, he may tell me I was foolish, but that won’t be the only example he has.  I’d elaborate, but neither one of us have the time. 

While we were on our short excursion, dear friends Mitch & Amber kept our little darlins’.  We were thankful to have someplace to ship them too.  We left shortly after 6am Tuesday morning and got home around 6:30pm on Wednesday.  Yes, we warned them to lock the bathroom door so noone would have a repeat experience with DS#3. (See the Big & Little Story) It’s good to be able to get away once in awhile without the kiddos.  Mitch & Amber have two kiddos of their own.  Mitch took off Tuesday afternoon and took the kids to the pool.  My kids had a great time unless you want to count the part where DS#2 fell off his noodle into the water and couldn’t get back on without assistance.  He was fine, just nervous.   He came away unscathed and Amber didn’t have a nervous breakdown or anything.  While DS#2 was having issues, DS #3 was clinging to Mitch, as was their DD and DS #1 was, well I don’t know what he was doing, but he must have had fun.  I’m so glad we got to give Mitch and Amber those sweet memories with our children.  See, God was blessing our time and theirs.  We found that it is good to have friends that truly love you and yours.  We were surprised and touched by the outpouring of emotion that Mitch displayed when we came home.  We called when we were on our way to let them know what time we’d be back to pick up the little darlins’.  As we pulled into their driveway, Mitch came bursting forth from their house, arms outstretched to greet us.  So we wouldn’t have to tarry, Amber had the kids all packed and standing at the door for us.  I could tell by the smile on their faces as we drove away that everyone had a good time.  I’m not 100% sure, but I think I saw them break out some party decorations as we drove past.  I’m sure they were celebrating our safe return.  Wasn’t that precious of them?  Thank you, thank you dear friends.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth




  1. Yes; celebrating your safe return that’s what we were doing.

    We enjoyed it glad to help out.

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