Posted by: simplyelizabeth | June 23, 2008

Some Meandering and The List for BooMama

So much to do-so much time frittered away.  Can you say frittered away?  Is that a phrase or did I dream that up.  I had high expectations for Saturday.  They got dashed on the rocks of wasted time.  Man!  Wasted time has such a rocky coast – and I did not heed the the warning of the lighthouse so I crashed and burned.  It was TV that blew me off course.  How pitiful is that?  I am thoroughly convinced that the “Enemy” (yes, Satan himself) uses the TV against me and my family.  All it takes is for it to be on and it acts as a siren calling you to the rocky coast of wasted time.  Boy, I’m really into this whole sea metaphor thing.  Maybe it’s symbolic to my subconscious because I FEEL LIKE I’M DROWNING IN CLUTTER!  Maybe I need a good therapist.  I’ve discussed this openly before.  Speaking of situations haunting me – I’m sure I heard another critter in my room Saturday night and last night I dreamt the critter had a family.  They were trotting alongside my bed – a mama, daddy and three little ones.  Then I woke up to DS #1 calling me from his bedroom.  He had to go to the bathroom and he’d lost his flashlight – again.  I think I need DH to rig up a contraption to chain it to the bed – of course then he couldn’t take the flashlight with him . . . . . .   Yet another parental dilema. 

My goodness!  What a ramble!  Did I get anywhere?  It’s kinda like ma and pa taking a Sunday drive, only it’s Monday, and I’m writing-not driving.  I’m also using all kinds of incorrect punctuation.  Please forgive me. 

OKAY then!  Now to the list! 

-New Front Door & Storm Door-Shutters

-Rock/Landscape-Wash & Stain Front & Back Steps

-Hold a Huge Yard Sale At My Mama’s

I will be posting pics of the projects tomorrow – honest I will – I’ve figured this thing out finally.  Have a great day!  Share your list!  If you have one.  🙂

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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