Posted by: simplyelizabeth | June 26, 2008

Technical Difficulties and God’s Grace

I really can post pics now!  Honest I can!  I took the pics of the front of the house to share for”The List” and I used my DD’s camera because it’s better then mine.  Well, she can’t find the little cord (I know all the technical terms for the doo dads but I don’t want to confuse those of you that don’t) to download it from her camera to the computer.  I’m going to have to break down and use my own camera – which means I have to figure it out.  Bear with me and we’ll see if I can have it up tomorrow.  I know, I know – you’re thinking one more empty promise – but I will try to rise above!

Now, on to God’s grace.  It’s a much more important subject.  I have a confession to make.  Most days I feel as if I go through life being “less than”.  I feel less than people who are thinner than I am, less than those who are organized, less than those whose children have table manners, less than those whose houses and vans are clean and decluttered and the list could go on.  I don’t think I feel sorry for myself.  I think it’s just I feel I should be “more than” as opposed to “less than” because, after all, I’m a child of the King.  I certainly don’t want to disappoint Him!  At times, the “less than” feelings can become a bit overwhelming.  I’ve had a bit of a bout with this since the beginning of the year.  I’ve been spending time in the Word and in prayer.  I get a cringing tingle when I know I am ignoring direct orders from headquarters.  This last week I finally decided the only thing to do is lay it down before the Lord.  Lay it ALL down.  He really wants us to share all our dirty laundry with Him.  OK, he wants more than for us to share.  He wants us to give it all to Him.  And really, why wouldn’t we because He can carry much larger loads than we can.  Because I’m brain damaged (It’s that whole sin and human condition thing.  Thanks a lot Adam & Eve!) I have been finding it necessary to “lay it down” several times a day.  (I think it’s like a two year old three year old  four year old pre-teen  teenager  your child saying, “It’s Mine!” even though it’s not and it’s no good for them either.)  So, this morning, while still in bed, I rolled over, stuffed my face in my pillow and said, “I’m crying out to you Lord!  Sweet Jesus, rescue me from me!  Show me your mercy and grace.  Let me live in You and do your will.  Help me where ever I may go today.  In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.” (Listen, the “cry out” thing worked for David and it’s in the Bible several times, so I figured it can work for me too!) I then rolled out of bed to get ready for work.  I got ready a little earlier than normal and I had this craving for a cold coffee drink.  I was thinking I shouldn’t really get one since everyone else is at home.  It’s not very nice to treat myself and not them.  Right?  Well, I got in my van, discussed the situation with myself, in my head, and went to McDonald’s.  When I pulled up to the drive thru, I ordered a biscuit and a hazelnut iced coffee.  The nice lady told me to pull forward and she’d have the total.  I got to the first window and she told me my total.  I knew it was not enough for what I had ordered.  I told her I thought we’d missed something and she said, “Your coffee is free today.”  Yes, you may think I’m nuts (others do too) but I’m telling you it was a sign from God that he wants to be my everything and provide for me my smallest desires.  I rejoiced all the way to work!  I have been dwelling within Him today and oh what a difference.  I pray He stay near to me and I to Him.  I can feel Him preparing me for a season of blessing and growth.  May He be near to you and yours too!  Now, if I can just get pictures on here . . . . . .

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Iced coffee IS a blessing….and you are absolutely right that God cares about those little desires of our heart just as much as the big ones. I am so glad you had this blessing, and I pray for you to live in the “more” more than the “less.”

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