Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 7, 2008

Precious Gifts From Grandma

Last night my dear mother asked me to stop by her house because she had picked up a few things for me and my house.  Rural King was having a sale and she had previously asked me if there was anything in the sale flyer we would use.  There were several things.  Last night she gave me what she had picked up.  She had gotten Popsicles for the kiddos, some potato sticks for DH, paper plates and dishwasher detergent for me (yes – I do get the good stuff – I know you’re jealous!)  I told her I would stop by after dropping off DD to her dad. (DD spends 1/2 the summer with us and 1/2 with him)  Anyway, I had the rest of the little darlin’s with me because DH had a meeting to go to at church while I would be away.  I can’t imagine why, but he didn’t think it would be a good idea to take them with him.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I should discuss this with him later.  So, we’ve stopped at grandmas and we visited.  My boys get in my mom’s house and their food alarm goes off.  DS #2 said, “Mommy, we didn’t get a snack after lunch and I’m hungry.  Does grandma have anything to eat?”  He knows she does.  She fixed them root beer floats.  That’s some snack!  It doesn’t matter what time of day they’re there or what they’ve just eaten, they always want a snack when they’re at grandma’s house; and she lets them.  We visited while they snacked.  I told them it was time to go home and fix dinner for Daddy.  They wanted to play outside for a little bit.  We moved to the front porch while the kiddos played in the front yard.  They discovered sweet gum balls from last fall.  The race was on to see who could gather more.  The little darlins’ wanted to take home the sweet gum balls.  I said, “I don’t think we need to do that.”  Grandma said, “Let me get you each your own bag to put them in.”  Silly me, I thought they were going to each have their own bag at her house to fill for future visits.  I misunderstood.  They got to go home with me.  My mom is really great about picking up stuff for us at the store, just because she can and she wants to.  I’m very thankful for all she does and it’s more than I can share with you in this post.  Last night was a dear time with grandma and a learning experience.  I now know in return for the goodies, my boys will be picking up yard stuff from her home and they get to take it to ours.  What sweet, sweet, precious memories for my boys.  I think every boy should have their own bag of sweet gum balls.  Oh the creative things they can do!  Thanks Grandma for encouraging the creativity and spirit of helping in our house.  🙂 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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