Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 11, 2008

Frazzled Friday with a Few Conversations

OK – I’ve been working on a very meaningfulfollow up to Wednesday’s post, but it takes more thought than I can give to it.  Sometimes deep thought taxes my brain.  Since I’m organizationally challenged, all my energy is going into my house purging.  I’m still working on getting garage sale stuff ready.  I imagine I will take the afternoon off to do a final frenzied purge of any closet or drawer I may have missed.  I don’t want to get through the garage sale and go home to find unnecessary stuff.  Today will be nothing less than nuts – which I sometimes feel is my normal state so I don’t know what I’m fretting over.  Instead of giving you any more insight into my Psyche, I’m going to share a few enlightening conversations that have taken place in my home the last few days. 

I gave a compliment to DS #2 on Wednesday and now I have to take it back.  The other day he was in one of his silly moods.  The sillier he can talk the better as far as he’s concerned.  He loves to be off the wall.  As we were sitting on the couch, I saw a glimmer appear in his eye.  He was leaning up against my arm.  He said, “Mommy, your arm is soft.”  I said, “Thank you.”  He said, “Why is it soft?”  I said, “I use lotion to make it soft.”  He said, “Why do you want it soft?” I said, “So it will feel nice.  You evidently like it and I think your Daddy does too, when I have soft skin.”  He said, “Mommy, I want to be a girl.”  I said, “You do not.  You’re being silly.”  He said, “I want to be a girl and have soft skin and I won’t have to get my hair cut and I can have a big bottom like you!”  My husband tried not to laugh but he did.  I’d tell you what happened, but it’s a private family matter of which the likes cannot be discussed.  I told DS#2 that even if things like that are true, no one wants to be told they have a big bottom.  There’s more.  Last night he (DS#2) wanted to know who would be watching them while I’m manning the garage sale at my mother’s house.  I replied, “Dear Old Dad.”  DS#2 said, “Old!  Daddy’s not old!  He’s got pimples on his back!”  I’d say DH got his payback.  I guess if you have pimples, you’re not old in DS#2’s eyes.  (Anyone with a pimple want to borrow him so he can tell you you’re not old?  You’ll just have to watch out for big bottom comments.  They can come at you out of nowhere!)

Now, another tattle on DH.  Have you seen those Klondike Bar commercials where the men are caught being good?  You know there’s one where the hubby stays totally focused on his wife who’s speaking to him out in public and a total hottie walks by.  He doesn’t even blink and stays right up with the conversation that going on.  He doesn’t turn his head or anything.  I gotta brag – my hubby doesn’t either.  He doesn’t seem to have interest in anyone else.  Maybe he feels he’s got his hands full as it is.  🙂  Well, there’s another Klondike commercial about a husband paying attention to his wife when she’s talking.  It may not happen in your home, but in some homes across America, husbands tune their wives out.  Shocking, I know.  That commercial came on last night and DH turned to me and said, “I guess I don’t deserve a Klondike bar, do I?”  I told him if he was asking, I probably didn’t need an answer.  We had a good laugh.  I told him admitting he had a problem was the first step.  I’ll let you know how the next 11 steps go. 

Well, wish me luck on the garage sale!  I’m sure it will be an adventure to share with you.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


  1. Good stuff! The way my face has been looking late (nothing short of a teenager’s), I would gladly have DS #2 tell me I am still young. But he should know that bottoms are off limits. Good luck on your sale!

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