Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 23, 2008

Christmas in July! or A Little Toilet Humor – You Pick

This clever title is brought to you by Angie.  You do remember Angie don’t you.  She drove the van to Outback without lights on after a girl’s night out.  Surely you remember her now.  If you don’t remember her for that, she redeemed herself by sacrificing an entire day of purging my boys’ room.  I would not have had a garage sale were it not for her.  You shine baby! 

Why, do you ask, is it Christmas in July.  DS#2 revisited a Christmas memory this weekend.  See, last Christmas Santa left a few items for DH and I to put under the tree in the back of our minivan.  It just so happened that I had also purchased a new toilet seat for the boys and DD’s bathroom from the exact same place Santa’s loot came from.  I brought it in at the same time as the gifts.  I really didn’t want to mess with it at 10:30 or so at night, so I laid it up against the wall in the bathroom.  I told DH, if he had time tomorrow, I was sure that DD, at the very least, would appreciate the new seat.  The other one had a crack and was just yucky from the missed aims of three little boys.  DH nodded and we got down to Santa’s business.  We finished.  We went to bed.  We slept.  We were awaken by DS#1.  He ran in to tell us that Santa had left presents under the tree.  He wanted to wake his brother’s and sister, but had to go to the bathroom badly.  I told him to take care of that situation first. (It’s just not good to start Christmas day with an accident.)  He came running out of the bathroom as fast as he went in.  “Mommy!  Santa left us a new toilet seat!  Santa knew we needed a new toilet seat!”  OK.  So the kid was so excited that I didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.  Yes, I know it’s a strange “present”, but you gotta make memories where you can – even if their weird memories.  Every one but DD believed that Santa brings things you need too.  (Do you believe the 13yo didn’t think it came from Santa?) Now join me in zipping forward 7 months.  This weekend I was on the couch with DS#2 watching TV.  (Gasp!  We were watching TV!?!?)  A commercial came on that had something to do with Christmas.  I really didn’t pay attention to it.  DS#2 perked up though and said, “Mommy, remember last year Santa left us a new toiled seat?  It was a really good toilet seat because it hasn’t broken or nuthin’ yet.”  What to reply other than, “Yes I do remember.  You’re right.  Santa can get ahold of some really high quality toilet seats.”   As a parent, I am bound to make magical memories as long as I can.  Are memories of a new toilet seat magical?  It must be because they’re boys that they appreciated it so much.  (You know boys like all the yucky toilet humor and various bodily functions and noises that going along with the bathroom.) I guess this also means I have to be creative when discussing  gifts with Santa this year and find an appropriate home improvement gift for him to leave.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Maybe a new kitchen floor for Mommy?  Somehow, I don’t think that would get the same reaction. 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


  1. I didn’t know that Santa brought home improvement items!! I guess I should try to be a good girl for the rest of the year! I would LOVE it if he would bring me stuff for a new deck!!!!

  2. How about asking Santa for a Urinal with those little blue cakes or thing that says aim here. That should make the boys and girls happy.

    Santa does not need to bring a new deck he needs to bring his elves to build the new deck.

  3. Oh, Mitch and Amber. You are so funny with your dueling comments.
    I’m with Mitch, E. A urinal for all those boys in your home would totally rock. An industrial sized one should get you through their teen years just fine. Maybe you should put the request in to Santa now.

  4. Christmas in July was an event I celebrated with other Acteens in my church way back when I was a youth. And now our own youth are going as World Changers to provide home improvements that will be like Christmas in July to those that they’re serving. My mom sent me a link to their local TV news in which she’s serving as a Hope Builder in their community.

    Merry Christmas

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