Posted by: simplyelizabeth | August 25, 2008


OK – I’m so pumped that I can now post pictures!  I’m going to spend at least a couple of more posts sharing about our trip.  Today I’m going to share about DS #1’s sand sculpture.


What is it you ask?  It is a fish.  If you look closely, you will see that the eye is mounded up with a hole for the pupil.  There are puffy lips, fins and gills.  It looked much better in person, really.  Of course, being a mother, I’m impressed with most things my children do.  He started the 2nd grade Friday and I think the whole sand sculpture thing was really creative for a kiddo his age.  I thought it even more so since he’s never been to the beach before nor seen a sand sculpture up to this point in his life to the best of my knowledge.  (I’m trying to cover all the bases just in case there was a unit in 1st grade about sand sculpture that I was unaware of.) 

Let me show you how excited the little guy was when we first got to the beach and then I’ll tell you where I believe he found his inspiration.

I think you can tell he felt overjoyed, elated and excitement of likes that he’d never experienced before.  When you feel this way, you are inspired.  However, I believe he got the idea from those near him.  Let me set the stage for you.  I was laying out with DD.  DH and friends were watching the boys go into and out of the lake.  DS#1 decided to dig in the sand, further away from the water.  Every once in awhile I would sit up and check on him.  I noticed that there were 4 nice looking teenage boys with a few girls about, let’s say 4 feet from DS#1.  The next time I sat up to check out my DS, I noticed the girls had departed.  I assumed they took a bathroom break since they were congregating together and when you’re a teenage girl with some good looking teenage boys, you don’t leave the other girls with the boys.  You all go to the bathroom together.  Remember?  OK, I digress.  Anyway, the boys were bent over doing something to the sand.  I thought, how cute, big boys still like to play in the sand too.  I laid back down.  I sat back up to check again and saw what the cute boys were doing.  The were making a little sand sculpture of their own and it was not appropriate for a public beach.  It was a woman, from the neck to thighs, lying without a bathing suit on.  Well, can I just say, “Not on my watch honey!”  So, in my best mother voice, I said, “Boys!  I know you’re having a lot of fun over there.  Really, I do, but I don’t believe this is the place with all the little people running around.  Do you?”  Not one of them replied, but one did bend down and remove the perky portion from his masterpiece.  I could have really ruined their day and told them the truth about the depiction they had made.  What’s that you ask?  Well, that the girls only stand at attention like that if they’re surgically enhanced.  I could have burst their little boy bubbles, but I didn’t – I just shamed them instead – like any good mother does.  I think in retrospect, their mothers would thank me.  Don’t you?   

I don’t really know if this is why DS#1 decided to try his hand at sand sculpting because I didn’t ask what he saw next to him.  I do know that if he did see “his neighbors”  and what they were making, he wouldn’t have recognized what it was they were doing because there’s nothing that looks like that in our house.  Oops, I think I may have just shared too much.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

PS – Tomorrow I will share about DD and her budding photography skills.  She took the pretty pictures on the previous post.  It’s good to be surrounded by talent! 🙂



  1. Good for you! I would have done the same thing, and shamed those boys also, I also don’t think I would have asked what my little one saw, unless he brought it up first!!

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