Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 9, 2008

Fall Is In The Air And I Feel It Everywhere!

Welcome to my humble abode!  I like that word. Abode.  There was a segment on the Today Show this morning about how it’s good to use big words and different words with your child.  We shouldn’t be ashamed of having large vocabulary.  I love big words and different words.  Especially when I know what they mean.  If I don’t, I’m not ashamed to ask or look it up in a dictionary.  Where did this conversation come from?  I thought we were supposed to be talking about fall!?!  Maybe I’m ADD and don’t know it.

I know I told you last week that I would photograph rooms of fall decorating, but alas it is not to be today.  This is why I have a pic of the front door.  The front door took up the majority of my weekend.  We got a new front door several weeks ago and this weekend is the first block of time I’ve had to paint it.  I thought it would be a two coat, maybe three coat job and it would be done.  I’m thinking a couple/few hours from start to finish.  Boy was I wrong!  Saturday morning and lunch time were filled with prior obligations, so I started it when we got back.  It was around 3:00.  I painted and touched up in different spots until 7ish.  It did not look pretty.  I had to start in again after lunch on Sunday.  After lunch because we were at church Sunday morning.  6 coats later, I had a painted door.  So, short story long (or is it long story short – in this case I think I made it short story long) I painted a door instead of fixing up the inside of the house.  I did manage to do a couple of things though, so I’ll share those.  Are you bored out of your gourd yet?  (Gourd refers to your head/mind, just in case you’ve not heard that saying before.  I like strange sayings too. 🙂 )

OK.  I saw pumpkins on pillar candle stands over at The Inspired Room and I knew I had to do it on top of the walnut cabinet.  I also took the fall leaves away from the pumpkin and used my berry garland and I left my Willow Tree person.  She is titled Welcome Spirit.  I just love that title and I love that she can greet people as they walk through the front door.  And aren’t the speakers to the right a nice touch?  I think so too.  Every once in awhile the hubby and I have a discussion about the speakers.  I’ll say no more.

This is the corner behind the front door.  I like using my umbrella basket like a giant vase.  I can change it with the seasons.  And once again, there is a speaker.  It gives me another surface on which to set my goodies.  No, I’m not complaining!  Of course I love my DH and respect his wants and needs.  Geesh!  Didn’t you read last Thursday?  Give a girl a break.

And yes, I know I’ve become consumed with all things fall.  I’ll get over it in a few more posts and then I’ll be back to telling you all the really great things that go on in our house.  For instance, I’m sure you’ve all been dying to hear more stories about the boys impeccable bathroom habits, the gentleness in which they speak to each other and the above board culture that abounds within the walls of our house.  Oh yes!  There is also the enlightened look on life that DD has.  I mean she is thirteen after all, so I’m sure she knows much more than we poor mortal adults.  I’ll give you her cell # if you’d like to seek her advice.  🙂

Just as an FYI to myself, let me know if you’d like to see more recipes or anything else for that matter.  Your opinion counts because I’m addicted to approval.  Except for the discussions about fall.  You’re stuck with those.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I do like the pumpkins on the stands!! That’s cool, may have to try that one myself!!

    Just be like me, and when DH is out move out the things that don’t work or you don’t like and see if he notices. Oh now he won’t let you play with me anymore!!! 🙂

  2. Love the colors!
    The new door and shutters are
    striking against the pale yellow siding.
    Your happy home is absolutely charming.

  3. Your home looks beautiful! I think you have taken BooMama’s project to a new level. It looks so pretty. I’m proud of you for all of your hard work, and taking pictures of it, too! What a woman!

  4. The decorating looks great. I am all for more recipes and other useful tips!

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