Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 12, 2008

Of Beechies, Flowers, Falls and Cool Rain

I’m sure one of the reasons I adore Fall so much is because I have really good memories of this time of year growing up.  We would visit my grandma and go to an orchard in her town.  I adored walking in the place!  The smells were wonderful but my favorite thing to get was a jar of honey with honey comb in it.  I thought that was the biggest treat!  Another thing we would do is go to the bank.  I know that might sound a bit strange, but work with me for a minute.  For whatever reason, my mom and dad banked in the town he grew up.  It worked for them.  So he would take me into the bank and the tellers would give me several packages of Beechies gum.  Do you know what I’m talking about.  Two pieces came in a box.  I loved that gum!  What brings this up is I drove through a bank last night, not my regular bank, to cash a check fromsomeone who had a checking account there.  It was on the way to where I was headed.  The teller gave us all, me and the 4 kiddos, Beechies.  I just gushed from the inside out!  The kiddos were excited because they love any kind of gum.  I told them this was special gum and shared my story about my Daddy taking me to the bank.  Our bank doesn’t hand out suckers or gum or anything.  After hearing me recant my childhood memories, the conversation turned to, “Why don’t we have our money there?”  Isn’t it cute?  They think we have money!  “I think we should start coming to this bank.  Yah.  Me too.”  The power of Beechies.  I guess that bank really knows what it’s doing because I was toying with the idea.  Maybe we will.  Beechies are as good a reason as any other to choose a bank.  Right? 

The planting did not go as hoped.  I did get some things, but was greatly detained because of “The Fall”.  It happened whilst I was preparing dinner.  DS #1 came running in the back door making horrible, death-like noises and he had a terrified/stricken look on his face.  There was also a scratch under his eye, on his nose and lip and blood was coming out of his mouth.  I know, it’s a lovely picture.  Of course, my first reaction was of panic, but then I remembered I’m supposed to be the one in control.  We went and got a cool wet wash cloth and the story began to unfold.  “Honey, what happened?”  “I, I, I fell on the concrete.  I was coming in to tell on DS#3.  He made me fall!  (Sob, sob, sob some more – deeeeeeeep breath-Aaaarrrrgggghhh!)”  “What we’re you going to tell on DS#3 for?”  “We were swinging (breath, breath, breath) and he yelled at some boys! (breath, breath, breath) He yelled-Hey Girlfriends!-and you don’t do that, Mom!  He shouldn’t have done that! (Sob some more and Aaarrrggghhh)”  After the story was told, several times, he decided his top tooth, a permanent tooth, was loose.  As far as we could tell, it wasn’t.  Thank goodness!  The whole ordeal took a good 30 minutes.  DS#1 does not have a very high pain tolerance and he has adverse reactions to seeing his own blood.  There were repercussions from this the rest of the night – but nothin’ that some Fancy Cakes and Playstation time couldn’t fix.  “Mom, I don’t feel like dinner, but when DS#2 and DS#3 are done eating and go out, can I have some Fancy Cakes and can Daddy play the Playstation with me?”  Do they know how to work it or what?

Ahhhh. We woke up to cool rain this morning.  See, Fall is here even if the calendar says it’s not time yet.  I know it is by the feeling within my soul.  OK, I’ll cut out the sappy stuff, but it is what it is and it is the truth!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Since it is supposed to rain all weekend, there is still time to play in the rain and the mud. Have fun!!!

  2. I’m assuming you went to my bank. They give us Beechies and suckers, and Abigail LOVES going to the bank. It holds a lot of power over a child.
    Sorry to hear about the fall. I’m kind of amused that Seth yelled “Hey girlfriends” and wonder where he heard such a thing. I’m glad Adam realized what a big deal that was. 🙂
    By the way, what are Fancy Cakes?

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