Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 19, 2008

Oh What A Night (Da Da Da Dada) Late September . .

I know the song says “late December back in ’63”, but last night was a really good night for me and that’s the song that popped into my head.  Do you ever do that.  I feel that with almost any situation I have a song to go with it.  Some days it’s “9 to 5”, some days it’s “On Top Of the World” and others it’s “If I Only Had a Brain”.  

Last night DD and I went out to Olive Garden.  Yum!  Before we went there, we had to stop and get special socks for her to wear today.  Today is homecoming in our town.  Today she needed to wear specific items of clothing for Spirit Day.  If she did not, she would have been shunned from the Jr. High hierarchy FOREVER!  She said so.  OK, not really, but don’t you remember how it works?  So we got the socks and when we got back in the vehicle she said, “Mommy, I thank you, my Crocks thank you, my team shirt thanks you and my volleyball shoes thank you.”  Isn’t teenage drama fun – even when they’re sucking up?  I really thought it was pretty cute.  Oh! The volleyball shoes thank me because they are going to be volleyball socks.  I felt very loved.   So then we went to the Olive Garden.  Yum!  (Oh darn!  I already said that, but it’s worth repeating.  Yum!)  We split an appetizer and salad.  We then ordered a Tiramisu to go.  The whole time we were there, she told me about friends, classes and thoughts she had on each subject.  I was totally in love with my daughter last night.  I’m so glad God blessed me with her.  I can see the beautiful, thoughtful, faithful woman she is going to be.  Albeit that she’s a bit flakey now, I know that the hormones will level out someday, around 22 or 23.  Won’t they?  I guess in short, we bonded last night.  I know it’s an opportunity I’m going to take more often than I have in the past.   

Because we bonded last night, we got to bond some more this morning.  That Tiramisu we got to go became our breakfast this morning.  We got up before the boys in the house and got rid of the evidence.  We were just considering their feelings.  Yes, I’m a firm believer that you can have desert for breakfast.  When you eat it first thing in the morning, you’ve got the whole day to work it off.  It makes sense to me.  Doesn’t everbody do this?  If you don’t, you should once in awhile.  It’s a great start to the day! 

Eat Desert First!  Eat Desert First!  (Can you hear the movement I’ve started?  Listen to the chant of the crowds!)  Eat Desert First!  Eat Desert First! 

Join the movement and your day will start happy too.  Also, go spend some one on one time with your kids.  You’ll remember why you were so happy to have them.  Well, that and they’re easier to control one at a time.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I’m all about that eat dessert first movement-where do i sign up?!

  2. Aw, E, I am so happy for your bonding night with K! How sweet of a moment and a new memory. One of my favorite memories of me and my mom was when she met me after work one night when I was 18 and we went to Denny’s for dessert. One of the other favorite memories was a night we went to KMart at midnight to look for a new bedspread for my room. I’m telling you, some really sweet memories are being made here over shopping and food. What a great night for you!!
    Oh, and I did have PPC for breakfast this morning, so I’m with ya, girl.

  3. Those moments when you bond are great aren’t they? They can melt away at your soul and truly make you feel like you have the greatest child in the world! My daughter loves to sneak into my room at night and snuggle with me, I know that some people, (mostly her dad) would like to make her go back to her room, but I just love it and know that one day she won’t be “sneaking” in anymore to hug on me. So I will enjoy it while I can!

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