Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 23, 2008

Critter – The Sequal and an 80’s Montage

Do we all remember “The Critter“?  It was a heart stopping experience.  One of which I had not before experienced – nor did I care to again.  We got rid of “The Critter”.  You can read about that here.  Ever since this experience, I have lived in secret fear that a family member may come back to seek revenge.  Well, I think it’s happened.  Last week, I thought I heard sounds coming from my closet as I had heard several months ago.  I shook it off as my mind playing tricks and decided to seek more therapy regarding the situation.  Much to my disappointment, I’m not crazy.  Yes, I’d rather be a bit paranoid than discover yet another critter.  There really is a critter in my house again!  Oh the humanity!  (I love that phrase!  It evokes so much emotion and drama.  I love drama when I converse with you.)  It was not in my bedroom that I discovered it though.  It was Miss Marple in the Living Room with the Candlestick.  I only wish Miss Marple would have done it in.  Have you all ever played Clue?  Anyway, I went into the living room to sit on the couch to do my little Bible study and morning prayer and as I sat down it shot out from under the couch.  I wanted to scream.  I REALLY wanted to scream, but I couldn’t because fear took hold of my vocal chords.  I sat for a minute trying to let the situation sink into my stunned little body.  I then took a deep breath and did my study.  I did not get on my knees this morning in prayer because I was afraid he may come back and run over my feet as I pray.  Instead, I huddled in a little mass on my couch and asked God to rid our house of any pestilence that may be inside. 

True story. 


Did you know God talks to us?  He does and he told me to double up on my critter traps and to use peanut butter to bait them.  He also told me that under no circumstances was I to use a glue trap.  Too much trauma for all involved.  If you think I say this in jest, go back up to the “here” link.  You may need to take a nerve pill to get you through it.  I know I could’ve used one that day.

***Disclaimer – This site and its administrator are not liable for any heart palpitations you may experience while reading harrowing accounts in some posts.  ****  

I now have another issue to discuss.  I’ve been stuck in the 80’s since this weekend.  I’ve been walking down memory lane of my Jr. High and High School years.  I think part of it is the time I spent with DD last Thursday because she is now in 8th grade.  Those were good years for me.  I was just plain happy.  I can’t say I want to relive any of it, because I’m happy where I’m at too, but they were fun times for me.  I then started thinking about a crush I had and my Homecoming dance freshman year.  (Our town just had homecoming last weekend.)  I was head over heals for Eric.  Ahhhhhh.  Eric.  What a tall, dark and handsome specimen God allowed me the pleasure of knowing.  He did not see me the same way I saw him, but I think he thought I was cute.  The last dance at homecoming was to the theme song the seniors had chosen.  Young and Innocent from the St. Elmo’s Fire soundtrack.  (If you’re too young to reminisce about the eighties, just pretend like your not so I don’t feel old.  Got it?  It’s nice that we can all play by the same rules. 🙂 )  The chorus was “So we can be young and innocent, where nothing mattered but the moment we were in, let’s shut our eyes and pretend, and maybe once again, we can be young and innocent.”  No, I didn’t have to look up the words.  They’re emblazonedin my mind because I got to dance with Eric on that dance.  Ahhhhhh.  I listened to that song until my record wore out the next day.  Aren’t the lyrics a little telling as well.  A foreshadowing of sort for what is to come as we age – even though we don’t want to call it that – aging.  Yuk!  I’m not aging.  I growing in wisdom. Somedays.  Maybe.  I’m trying darn it!  So, back to the 80’s thing.  I now have this song stuck inside my head and it has set off a firestorm of other music and movie memories.  Movies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink (OK, any John Hughes movie), Weird Science (I once went out a few times with a guy that looked very much like Anthony Michael Hall), Footloose (I wanted a ‘bad boy’ Kevin Bacon type to move to my little town, didn’t you?), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Better Off Dead, and I could go on, but will spare you all the movie titles.

Then there were all the love songs.  All the love songs that angst ridden teenage girls love to listen too.  Oh my!  I even remember writing down the lyrics to songs and giving them to boyfriendsso they knew just how much I “loved” them.  Most of us were in love with the idea of love.  Raise your hand if you listened to Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Journey, Air Supply and who was the guy that sang “Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You”?  You know, I’m going to have to search it out.  Oh!  We shouldn’t forget Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now. 

And what about the hip happening groups?  The Bangles, Mister Mister, Loverboy, Bon Jovi (John Bon Jovi is still alright in my book!), Def Leopard (I liked pretending I was a rebel at times.), GoGo’s and a little different twist here, but Alabama.  I really liked them too.

Even though it’s fun to look back, I don’t want you to think I’m unhappy with where I am now.  I’m not.  Things are good.  Very good.  And as far as Eric goes, I hope he found as good a woman as I have a man.  Wouldn’t trade a thing – well maybe a little bigger house with a maid.  It’s good to have goals. 

Any memories to share?

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. That is tooooo funnnnyyyy that you brought this up! Even though I grew up in the 80’s – I missed out on several of those movies you mentioned. Here at work my friend Colleen recently started a movie “bucket list” that I must see & many of those are included! I am with you on all those bands, too – wow – here come the memories!! 🙂 Thanks, Elizabeth!

  2. It’s fun to go down memory lane. I love that you included Def Leopard, because you liked to pretend you were a rebel. I loved Def Leopard, and I didn’t pretend, I thought I was a rebel, even though I wasn’t.

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