Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 25, 2008

I Took a Little Trip

Last night DS#1 was feeling ill.  My mom called me to tell me that when she picked him up from school, he just wasn’t himself.  He spent the duration of his time at her house curled up in a chair.  Sometimes DS#1 is a bit dramatic, so I decided to hold my judgement until I saw him after work.  There was no drama – just a sick kid.  After dinner, DH went to his class and I shipped the other kiddos off to Wednesday night church.  DS#1 was getting worse and started talking about his headache, a sore jaw, his throat hurt and his stomach was upset.  It’s pretty much your run of the mill creeping crud, but I’ve heard this from him before and it ended up being strep throat.  I hated to wait and take him to the dr. the next day – I knew he’d have a really bad night – but I wasnt’ crazy about running him to the ER either.  I just don’t do that unless it’s truly an emergency.  Luckily I was talking to my BFF Jen (that’s a story for a later date) and she told me about Ambucare.  I’d been there a long time ago, but I wasn’t real cracked up about it either.  She proceeded to tell me what a good experience she had the last time she took one of her sick kiddos.  I decided to scoop him up and go because if he did need antibiotic, I wanted him to not have to wait until the next day.  He was just miserable.  So we went.  My mom went with us. 

Can I just say my experience was not like my BFF Jen’s.  We took a little trip to Ambucare and it just so happens they were filming the newest episode of The Twilight Zone.  Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.   No, they weren’t really filming, but the dr. we saw was a little different.  The nurse was super sweet, compassionate and all the things you want from a healthcare professional.  The doctor . . . . . . not so much.  For the sake of the story let’s say my son’s name is Reuben Chavez.  He walked into the room and said, “Chavez Reuben.  What is wrong with Chavez today?”  I said, “His name is Rueben.”  Him, “OK, what is wrong with Rueben today?”  I gave him the run down of the pretty high fever, sore everything, stomach ache and I even shared with him that he threw up in my mother’s driveway.  I was trying to get personal and bond.  I guess it didn’t work. Oh!  I should share with you that he does not originally hail from these great United States and had quite the accent.  I have no issue with doctors doctoring here from other lands – I just tell you so you understand I had a hard time understanding him.  The nurse had tested him for strep and it came back negative so he proceeded with the examination.  “I look in his ears – oooo, infections.”  I said, ” Oh!  Poor guy.”  Him, “Does Rueben go to school?”  Me, “Yes, but obviously not tomorrow.”  Him, “He want the day off?  That be OK.”  Me, “No, I’m sure he’d rather go to school, but they would rather I not send him with a temp.”  Him, “OK.  What kind of medicine does Reuben want?”  Are you kidding me?  What kind of medicine does he want?  And, yes, by the way, we always let our 7 yr. old tell us when he wants the day off from school – and then let it happen.  Good golly!  How about you give us a blank prescription for some Vicodin (sp?) so I can feel good tomorrow, some extra strength Benadryl so when the kids are more than I can handle I can give it to them to knock them out and a couple of general antibiotics so I don’t have to come back here to visit you late in the evening.  Geesh!  No, I didn’t say that.  I told him Ammoxicillan would be fine, thank you.  The whole thing took longer for me to relay it to you than it did to happen.  When he said OK to the Amoxicillan, he walked out the door and shut it behind him.  I assumed the nurse would be back with a script and after 10 minutes she was.  Once again I feel I need to say that she was wonderful.  I’m sure she’s an angel here on earth – or maybe she was drugged so she could deal with Dr. Feel Good. 

In retrospect, I do see where there would be advantages in seeing him.  You could just go in and say, “This is how I feel.  These are my medication choices.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.”  I wonder if he’d prescribe liposuction or a tummy tuck because, you know, sometimes the sight of my tummy or the little extra love handles make me feel not so good.  I’ve suddenly changed my opinion of him.  I’ll be going back tonight.  If any of you would like his name and number, email me and I’ll hook you up for a small fee.  Just a small one.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Sounds like an experience! I hope the meds kick in fast. I’m glad you knew what medicine you needed!

  2. I’ve never really heard great things about Ambucare, but I guess when you just need some meds to get you through the night, it’ll do the trick. Glad you got something to give the little guy. Hope he’s feeling better after a day off!

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