Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 9, 2008

My “Problem”

I have wrestled over the past three days, three very long days, whether or not to share with you my personal affliction.  I’ve known there was something not quite right my whole life.  I often struggled silently.  Sometimes I’ve struggled not so silently. (That’s according to my husband and mother.)  I think some of you may have the same “problem” and it is because of you, my love for all you, that I am going to share a very painful reality.  I’m just sure I have ADHD.  Truly.  Seriously.  I’m not joking around.  (That’s what DS#3 always says to me when trying to drive a point home.)

How do I know this?  I read an article.  Oh now, quit laughing.  This is serious guys.  There was an article in Woman’s Day about a woman who found she had ADHD as an adult.  I felt like everything this woman talked about was soooo me. 

She talked about not being able to find her kitchen table for it was full of mail and other things. (That’s me!) 

She talked about feeling soooo overwhelmed with the clutter/chaos in her house she didn’t know where to begin.  (That’s me! Have you seen the line under my blog title?) 

She talked about comparing herself to her neighbors and friends and feeling like they couldn’t come over because her house wouldn’t be as good as theirs and hers was always a wreck.  (That’s me!  I didn’t know a little paranoia went with ADHD, but I’ll go with it.  For Pete’s sake, I even apologized for the state of the house to the 7 year old that DS#1 had spend the night a couple of weeks ago.  How pitiful is that?  I should’ve just said, “Excuse the mess, we’re remodeling.” and be done with it even though that would have been a total lie-but I think I could live with it.

She talked about her whole life having trouble finishing things.  (Holy cow!  That’s me!  If the fact that I’ve been to 5 different colleges and STILL don’t have a bachelor’s degree tells you anything . . . . . .   I’m not proud of it, just sayin’ . . . you know.) 

She talked about being easily distracted.  (Hello?  That’s me!  Have you read any of my blogs?)  (Another aside – How often have I talked about what I want my blog to be like and then, well, have you all seen it come to fruition? (I lovethat word – fruition)  See, I was distracted again. I just give you poor people empty promises, yet you keep coming back. Thank you dear people. 

She talked about constantly forgetting appointments (forgot DD hair appt. Tuesday night), misplacing things(car keys & kids papers), important things(once, an actual kid)  and being constantly late(do I really need to give an example?).   Are you guys tired of the quotes?  Too bad!  (Oh hello again!  Yep!  I’m answering that phone sister and the person on the other end says, “You are so totally ADHD!”  Just yesterday I lost my cup of water in the office and it took me 10 minutes to find it.  True story.) 

So long story short, I got to the end of the article and it had that little box that articles like that have.  You may have ADHD if you have several of the following and have experienced this through childhood as well.  I ticked off about 2/3’s of ’em.  Yep, that’s why I think it may be me. 

In a very odd way, it was a relief to read this and relate to it.  I’ve always felt like ‘why can Miss May keep it together and I can’t.  I don’t think it excuses me for any irresponsibility in my life, but maybe explains it – at least to me.   I even thought I might go so far as to make a Dr. appointment and discuss it.  Of course, I read this three days ago and I still haven’t done it.  I keep forgetting and becoming distracted, darn it!  Maybe writing this will prompt me to do it right now.  I’d write a note, but I’ve done that before and then misplaced it.  Really.  I wasn’t going for a cheap laugh – well maybe I was – but it’s the truth.  Really.

In conclusion I ask that you pray for me and my family that has been affected and afflicted with my disorganization and forgetfulness and inability to follow thru at times.  Amen.

Let me tell you about tomorrow and what’s in store. 

I really will do this. 

Honestly.  Don’t give up on me and my empty promises.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new series. 

Drum Roll Please . . . . . . .

I am proud to introduce Flashback Fridays!  Yep.  We’re going to be talking about things from our childhood and teenage years.  I think I’m even going to make you look at some pics of me growing up.  (Quit your groaning and take it like a man!)  If you have a blog, I’m going to try and figure out how I can be linked to you if you want to participate.  If you just want to just leave a comment, that’s fine and dandy too! 

Have a good one kids!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Reading your blog made ME think I was ADHD. I mean, how many asides can one person use? 🙂
    You know what I realized when I read it…Katie comes by all of it naturally. Tell her to read this and see her future. Hee hee!

  2. I thought forgetting were you put a kid was normal, I mean we all do it right? Forgot one of the kids at church one night when i was driving your kids home. Got home and realized I was one kid short. Going thru the list I think I am going to look into this too, that sounded like me. Tell ya what you call me and I will call you to call the doctor… what am I saying. Better yet lets just put post it notes all over the house with notes to ourselves and directions. Darn where did I put those things, there yellow and pink so they should stand out. Anyone have a pen I cannot find mine.

    Love the blog Elizabeth and really I think I may have some ADHD myself.

  3. My second daughter has ADHD and it took forever to get what was wrong diagnosed! But, having done so, a fairly cheap medication daily and she is a “normal” teenagers.

    Forgetting kids however is not a sign of ADHD, I do it all of the time….

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