Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 14, 2008

Two For Tuesday!

Oh please forgive me for not writing to you yesterday.  I just got busy and ran out of time.  I know, it’s almost inexcusable.  How could I leave you?  I’m still, 8 months later, trying to figure out how to appropriately and effectively handle the blog.   Because of my unthoughtfulness (is this a word?) toward you yesterday, I will give you two blogs today. 

Please, please . . . hold your applause until the end. 

Let’s have a discussion for the first post.

If you have kiddos, what kinds of costumes are you thinking of? 

What? You already have them?  Oh, well, then tell me what you got so I can know what to do for my little darlins’. 

Here’s a good one – What was your favorite costume growing up?

Mine was a lady bug.  My mom made it.  I wore black tights and a leotard and she made a cardboard front and back for me.  It was red with black dots.  I also had little buggy antnae.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but I had fun in it. I was kinda cute too.  Really, I was.  My mommy told me so and she never lies. 

So, this isn’t as witty as I normally am, but bear with me and answer the questions. 

If you won’t do it for me, do it for my kids. 

I need ideas!

Please!  Help me Rhonda or whatever your name is!

Hugs & Blessings, Elizabeth



  1. What, you mean your not Martha Stewart?!?! : )

    Why don’t you do a theme for the 3 of them. Something with 3’s like the 3 stooges, or 3 blind mice? I know corny, but you get what I’m trying to say.

  2. I like Amber’s idea. I would totally do something like that. How cute, I mean adorably cute, would those boys be as the three stooges? Ugh, I can hardly stand how cute that would be. 🙂
    I am either having Abigail be a bride or a ladybug. I kind of like the ladybug idea, but I thought she could get one more good wear out of her flower girl dress by putting on a veil and calling her a little bride. We’ll see…
    I was a ladybug once, too. My wings were made out of a red snow saucer with black dots painted on.

  3. Hey I found your blog through Kate McDonald’s site!

    I don’t actually remember this Halloween, but it’s my favorite in pictures – my mom dressed me as a gumball machine! I wore red sweatpants & a red hoodie. Then she blew up lots of little balloons (multi-colored) and taped them all around my middle & wrapped plastic wrap around. Then they wrote “5 cents” on my forehead & I was good to go! I’m definitely using this one when Owen is big enough!

  4. The ladybug must be popular – one year mom made me a caterpiller & my dear sister a lady bug! Too funny! We need to look for the pictures of that!

  5. Try to do a costume that is heavy enough for a cold night. I amsolutely hated it when mom would make me wear a coat over my costume, which happened more often than not in cold Rockford!

    I think the 3 blind mice sound hysterical. You could be the Farmers Wife if you can’t talk your daughter into it. Take pictures!!

  6. I never went trick-or-treating, but I did go to harvest parties dressed as Queen Esther several times. Definitely a favorite! =)

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