Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 16, 2008

Brain Damage

This morning I’ve decided I have brain damage.  I think we all have brain damage.  I think God thinks we all have brain damage. 

I really do. 

I think Bill Cosby may explain it best.

Some days, I’m sure this is how God feels about me.  I’m sure you all have it under control, though. LOL 

Yes, of course I was laughing with you! 

Think about it – if your brain damage is not too severe.  God lays out some very simple rules for us to follow.  Things like don’t put anything before him, don’t lie, steal or cheat, love each other and stuff like that.  It’s not like he’s telling us to build the next space shuttle or become a nuclear physicist. (Well, he does tell some people to do that.  It’s sure not me and I’m pretty sure it’s not you either. :)) He just wants us to follow the rules and play nice.  He wants us to talk to him daily (pray) and get to know him better (ready His word) and set aside a day for Him since He gives us all we need.  In the big scheme of things it’s not a lot to ask. 

I know it goes better for me when I do what I’m asked or told, but so often, I reach for the cookie instead.

How about you?

(I’m expecting discussion.  Please don’t disappoint me.  I might cry and it’s an ugly cry.  You don’t want to see my ugly cry.  It might make you cry and your children have bad dreams.  Just leave a comment and we can avoid the whole situation.  Thank you for your support!)

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I love that clip from Bill Cosby! It makes me laugh every time, because it’s so true!!

    I know your right, I know I need to study and read and pray, and things do go better when I do, but I often reach for the remote instead. Oh the shame! What are we going to do with each other. I guess we should call each other more to make sure were doing our stuff!!! 🙂

  2. I love Bill Cosby’s brain damage, too – we saw him in Effingham last January – too funny!! I know I have lots of brain damage!! 🙂

  3. ha! I enjoyed that! thanks for a morning chuckle!

  4. I agree w/ Amber that it helps to have accountability in making right choices. God give us a plan but does not expect (or want) us to do it alone.

  5. love that-funny!

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