Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

A couple of weeks ago I shared fond memories of Saturday mornings and School House Rock.  I am totally a child of the 80’s but before I was in the eighties, I was in the 70’s. 

My first crush on a “star” was Shawn Cassidy.  Oh baby!  Da doo run run me!  (Note to DH, he can’t hold a candle to you honey!  You’re my manly man and hunka hunka burnin’ love. 🙂 ) 

Sorry.  I’ll keep it all family friendly here. 

So I was really in to Shawn Cassidy.  I listened to that record until my mom couldn’t stand it anymore.  My friends loved him too.  

His life sized poster was hanging on the wall next to my bed with the Holly Hobby bedspread.  I kissed him goodnight every night and told him someday we would be married with children. 

Boy am I glad that didn’t work out – otherwise I wouldn’t have my wonderful DH!  Also, he’d (Shawn) still be in jail.   

OK  That was a little over the top, but it’s Friday here folks.  Give me a break! 

I liked that sitcom too.  “Give me a break, I sure deserve it.  It’s time I made it to the top.”  Is that how it went?  I think so. 

Ohhhh!  I liked Holly Hobby too!  Did you?

Thanks to the YouTube gods and goddesses, you to can enjoy a short trip back.  I have posted That’s Rock ‘n Roll for your viewing pleasure. 

Don’t skip it.  Check out the tight white pants and low cut shirts with manly chest hair sticking out.  🙂  I’m so glad we’ve moved passed that type of attire!

It will give you a good giggle to start your weekend with. 

Trust me. 

Have I ever led you astray before?

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I’m pretty sure I had a Shawn Cassidy lunch box. I know I had the Holly Hobby bed linens & curtains – also the doll!! My thoughts on the video – he’s too skinny!! 🙂

  2. Hey…making my semi-annual appearence! I know you were quite shocked to hear I do not remeber Shawn. Let me gentley remind you-I was only four at the end of the seventies…I’m actually not even any good at 80’s trivia eiather…sorry!! Was in my own world then and now. As for that eating addition blog…I’m so there!! But, can’t wait for GNO @ Outback…we will “recover” another day!
    love ya

  3. But did you have the totally cool light blue satin jacket with his picture screen printed on the back?

    We use to come home from school and write him love letters and the world would STOP when the Hardy Boys came on Sunday night.

    – Cousin D.

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