Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 30, 2008

I’ve Been Tagged!

Oh my goodness!  I got tagged by Kate McDonald at The Accidental Traveler!  I’ve never been tagged before.  It makes me feel loved and a little special.  I love blogging, but I have not hit my stride yet and don’t do it as consistently as I should, but Kate is quite the blogging gal.   She’s funny, real and insightful and much more consistent than I. 🙂 

So anyway, I got tagged to say:  Three Things I Like About Myself

1.  Ummmm, I like that I can make people laugh – some people – I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to assume I can make all people laugh.

2.  I like that I can be creative and think outside the box whether it be for decorating, my kiddos birthdays or doing a bulletin board at church.

3.  I like that I can have fun with my kiddos and hubby despite the fact that the house looks as if a small tornado touched down in each room.  I guess I like that I can remember what’s most important – most days. 🙂

OK now!  I’m going to tag Robin, Amy and Melissa.

Can’t wait to here back girls!

Even if you don’t blog, tell us three things you like about yourself.  It’s good to remember those things.   

Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Thanks for the tag…hmmm… three things I like about myself? Ok. I like that I am usually happy and positive, I like that I am creative and find the possibilities in things, and, ah, I like that, ah, um hmmm…thinking, ah, I like that I am level headed. Whatever that means. 🙂

    Happy day and thanks SO much for thinking of me! (thanks for letting me hog your comments in order to play along!!)


  2. Wow.
    I’m reading a book-Pathway to Purpose for women by Katie Brazelton, and she asks the reader to journal about this very thing-things you have done, who you are.
    three things i like about me…
    1.i listen hair color (that sounds vain)
    3.i am grounded on a Solid Rock

    thanks for asking!
    That was good for me to think about today:)

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