Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 3, 2008

A Happening Halloween Weekend

Friday night we took out our Three Blind Mice and a Modern Gypsy.  It was hard to get the Modern Gypsy to go, but I figure this will be her last year so I made her.   I did so because I can – because I’m the mom – because I can still give commands.  Nope.  I’m not nice.  I can own it.

This is what they looked like at the beginning of the night.  I wish I would’ve taken an after pic.  DS#1 was still put together, but DD left us to stay with Grandma, DS#2 quit carrying his cane and wearing his nose and ears, DS#3 decided the nose, glasses and cane had to go.  I think we have enough candy to last until next Halloween.

Saturday was fun for most of us.  I’m sure DD felt like she’d been sentenced to prison.  We went to the St. Louis area and spent the afternoon with Thomas the Train.  Yes sir – it’s every teenager’s dream to spend the day with your little brothers and nephews and Thomas.  I’m thinking about making it up to her because she was a pretty good sport about it.    You can pray for her.  I’m sure she’d appreciate it during this trying time of her life.  I figure it will be one more thing on the list for the therapist she’ll need someday.  She did enjoy being with her aunt and uncle.

Sunday’s always seem too short.  I wake up Monday thinking, “Where did the weekend go?  Shouldn’t it still be Sunday?”

I missed my Flashback Friday, but what I wanted to post was the video Thriller.  How many of you had the Thriller jacket or knew someone who did? 

I also need to review yet another girl’s night out to Outback.  I know you’ll enjoy my recounting of the evening. 

Last note – My cousin left a comment about having a blue satin jacket with Shawn Cassidy and I am so jealous.  My mom and dad never got me a jacket like that.  I think her parents must have loved her more than mine loved me.  OK – now I may need a therapist.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. The 3 blind mice really did turn out really cute. And hey, they even won 1st place!!!

    That is why we take pictures at the beginning of the night. My little one tried to wipe her wiskers off, and her ears kept coming off, and we had make sure her tail was in before pulling off with the wagon. It was fun though.

    I can’t wait for the blog about the girls night out!! 🙂

  2. I love how the boys look like stairsteps. They are the perfect height to play three of anything. Very cute!

  3. So very deserving of a Blue Ribbon!
    You could save big … shop the Halloween clearance for yourself and DH too as Donald and Daisy Duck with your three offspring, Huey, Louis and Dewey! And Katie, well she could just be Goofy:)

  4. to stinkin’ cute!

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