Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 4, 2008

A Tale of Fritos, An ADHD Moment & Brotherly Love

Warning:  The following post is written in a stream of consciousness format and may be confusing to follow if you are what one would consider “normal” and/or orderly.  I apologize in advance for the rambling.

Last night was no different than any other night in my house – ie. a little nutty.  Last night I got home first with DS#3 and he went outside to play while I started dinner.  Shortly after, DH walked in with DD, DS#1 and DS#2.  DH was informing me that when he went to my mom’s house to pick them up, DD would not leave him alone.  She does like to pester him and she likes for him to return the favor.  She demonstrated her antics and a small wrestling match ensued in the kitchen – while I was cooking.  (Doesn’t everyone fix dinner this way?)

I decided to kick off my shoes.  I did not wear socks or stockings yesterday and I really should have.  I caught whiff, or rather a slight fragrance caught my attention.  For whatever reason, my mind went back to a childhood friend and a discussion we once had about stinky feet smelling like Frito’s.  (I tried to tell you this would be a weird post.) 

Yes, I’m admitting my feet had a slight odor. 

So when I was younger, my friend Bobbie Jo and her sister Jamie and I had an introspective discussion about what stinky feet smell like.  It was Frito’s.  We all love Frito’s at my house and I hope someone from the Frito Lay company doesn’t read this and think I’m slandering them.  I’m not.  I’m simply saying the next time you wear shoes without socks, particularly shoes with a leather insole, breathe in a little more deeply when you kick those babies off and you will think you just opened a bag of Frito’s.  Really. 

I felt the need to share this information with my daughter that commented on my ever so slight shoe odor.  She thought I was nuts, as all teenagers think their parents are.  I felt the need to make a believer out of her so I picked up a shoe and waved it in front of her.  After she quit the shrieks, she proclaimed that I was teasing her and had put Frito’s in my shoes.  I told her no I did not and held up my foot for evidence.  She then accused me of eating a whole lot of Frito’s and I must be sweating them out through my pores. 

No ma’am.  I did not. 

Stinky feet smell like Frito’s.  Just ask Bobbie or Jamie.

This then led me to think about my friend that I have not spoken to in years because life has happened to both of us.  I decided I must talk to her.  I had long ago lost her number, but her mom and dad live in the same place they did when we were growing up and their phone number is forever etched in my memory.  I dialed it a lot growing up.  (Do you remember having to acctually dial a phone?) I called them and got her number.  He mom told me it would be best to call around 9ish because the kids would be in bed.  I understood that and thought we could have a really great talk.  So I waited until 9ish.

While I was waiting, we ate dinner, bathed three boys, did dishes, a couple loads of laundry and my DH went to meet his prayer partner.  I sat down and flipped on the TV.  I found All Creatures Great and Small on PBS – an old BBC show based on a series of stories I loved growing up – and then DD came out to join me after the boys were in bed and I found Sara Plain and Tall on the HallmarkChannel.  Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd too.  She had not read the book or seen the movie so we started watching it together.  We bonded.  I now think I’m going to have to find my book or check it out from the library and read it to my family. 

All of this blah, blah, babbling leads me to my ADHD moment.  I forgot to call.  I could barely contain myself when I got her number and I got distracted and forgot to call.  So this morning I made myself an appointment to get the whole thing checked out.  Truly I did.  Surely the rest of the world is not living this way.  Are you?  I’ll let you know how it goes.  You may want to get checked out too. 🙂

For my final rambling thought today, I have a story of brotherly love.  This morning DS#1 was telling us he wanted to have a birthday party with his basketball team at a pizza/arcade place.  He was telling us this in our bedroom.  I told him he had a big birthday last year and DS#2 didn’t have a big birthday last year or this year so it wouldn’t be fair to him.  (We told DS#2 that he would have a big birthday next year.)  DS#1 was begging with all an almost 8 year old has in him when we heard a voice coming from the kitchen.  It was DS#2, “I don’t care if he has a party there mom.  I’ll have fun too if he does!  I won’t be mad. Really!”

Awwwwwwww.  Isn’t that adorable? 

I thought so too.

I don’t know that we can buck two of them if their focused. 

If you’re reading this before the poles are closed – Go Vote!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I’ll just take your word for it that stinky feet smell like fritos! 🙂

  2. I totally believe it- one time when I was on tour with my sister, she had a guitar player who swore that when someone passes gas it smells like meat being cooked- and it DOES. (Another reason I don’t like to eat meat!)

    Anyway- I believe you!

    WE are doing an ornament exchange at my blog if you are interested- its going to be fun

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