Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 12, 2008

Busy Little Bee

That is what I have been.  Life just seems to be nonstop sometimes.  I can’t really say I was busy over the weekend, but I was busy enough. 

Here’s what I have for you today.   

Conversation #1 – Monday Morning

DS#3, “Look at our hair Mommy!  We spikyed it! (we being he and DS#2)

Me, “Oh my!  Did you make a mess?”  DS#3, “Nope.  See.  All clean.” 

Their hair was pretty wet and it looked a bit tousled, but they were very proud of their accomplishment, so I let it be.  Then I hear DS#3 telling his Daddy this – “Look Daddy!  We got our hair spikey.  We did it with a toothbrush!” 

I sure hope it wasn’t my toothbrush.

Conversation #2 – Monday evening on the way home from picking them up after work.

DS#2, “Mommy!  I see a tractor like Daddy drove for Toby!”

Me, “Yes it is.

DS#2, “That was fun when Daddy had a tractor.  We all got to ride in it until the yogurt broke.”

Me, “Until what broke?”

DS#2, “The yogurt.  Remember we had to go home because the yogurt broke?

At this point I have no idea what he’s talking about.  I search the recesses of my cluttered mind to try and make sense of this.  And then, I remembered. (Yeah, I know it’s amazing I remembered.  I can’t remember my appointments or important papers for my kids, but I remember what broke on the tractor two years ago.)

Me, “I think you mean auger.  The auger quit working so they couldn’t get the corn from the wagon to the truck.”

DS#2, “Oh yeah!  The auger.”

I’m certainly glad we got that subject cleared up.  I’d hate for him to think there were tractors driving around with yogurt that may break at any given moment.  Wouldn’t that be a mess?

So now I’m going to introduce you to a conversation I had with my mother yesterday.  My dear, sweet, bestest mommy in the whole wide world came over yesterday and helped my in my house.  Now, instead of looking like a bomb hit the entire house, it just looks like a bomb hit half of it.  I feel I can move forward in my cleaning/organizing efforts now because I can see the floor and table tops and counter tops.  No, you can’t borrow her – she’s mine!

My DD calls her grandma the clean queen.  She’s so clean and neat and tidy that I grew up with unrealistic expectations of what needs to be done in a house.  Because the expectations seem insurmountable, I have chosen to do nothing in my house and just have fun with the kiddos.  OK, I do stuff in my house, but not nearly what I should.  The point to this rambling is  . . . . I’ve forgotten.  Just go with it.  Smile at me and nod like you understand. 

So yesterday, after we tackled the living room, she said she’d work on the bathroom and I could work on the boys pigsty room.  I know, I can’t believe she worked in the bathroom either.  Maybe I should be ashamed that I let her, but she’s not afraid of hard work and it gives her a sense of accomplishment.  How could I take that away from her?  Right!  I couldn’t. 

She was scrubbing the toilet bowl when she posed this question to me. “Elizabeth, is the water in your toilet always this low?”

Me, “I don’t know. Let me see. – Yeah I guess.  It’s supposed to conserve water, so probably.”

She flushed it a couple of times to be sure the water is always that low in my toilet bowl.  I stood and watched and we discussed if it were true.  It was.

My Mama, “I just don’t think I’d like the water being that low in the bowl.  I like for the water to up around here. (she gestured to the water level she prefers with the toilet scrubber)”

Me, “Oh.  OK.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a preference or been concerned about what level the water is in my toilet.”

Yep, you have now been witness to the earth-shattering, life changing conversations to which I am privy. 

Have a good day all!  I’ll try to be better about posting this week.  Really, I will.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I’d like to know if your mother put pennies in the room and made you clean until you found ALL the pennies like my mother did!

    Do you think Grandma Carter taught them to be neat freaks because I promise you I am anything but neat!!!!


  2. Wow, your mom notices a lot, doesn’t she? What I want to know is, did you fix the drastic water level in your toilet? Well, DID YOU?

  3. […] is my mother, the woman concerned about the level of the water in her toilet, and DD icing cookies.  We went over to grandma’s house to ice cookies one evening and had […]

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