Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 14, 2008

Flasback Friday!

Welcome to Flashback Friday! (said in the same manner of Let’s get ready to Rumble! – booming voice w/echo – it makes a bigger statement and sounds like I’m about to do something exciting. )

I’m remembering big hair, pegged jeans and shirts with popped up collars.  Do you remember that?  What about John Hughes films?  He so appropriately portrayed teenage angst. 

Yep – we all wanted THAT guy and we all thought our relatives were the weirdest people on earth and we all thought nobody could understand our life. 

What do you remember?

Blessings & Hug, Elizabeth



  1. The “tuck & roll” (jeans). Sam & Libby ballet slippers w/ the bow on the top or white Keds sneakers. You could tell the difference between the “bo-bo” (generic) version because the Sam & Libby’s had a vertical seam on the inner side of the slipper and Keds had the telltale blue logo on the heel. Cassette tapes (CD’s were unheard of). Plastic charm bracelets (if you’ve ever seen “13 Going on 30”, Jenna has one!). Troll dolls. Passing notes in class. “Siiiiike!”. “Nerd-bomber”. “Gnarly”. Stirrup pants being IN STYLE.

    Ah, the good old days!!

    I enjoy your site…


  2. Oh, I almost forgot…..acid washed jeans!! And even better, TAPERED leg acid washed jeans with zippers on the ankles!!! I had a favorite pair of Jordache back when Jordache was the high end brand!

    And we cannot forget jelly bracelets!!!

  3. I remember there were these jeans at KMart that looked like they had paint splatters all over them and I wanted them SO BAD. My mom said she would be happy to splatter some paint for free on some jeans for me. I was so mad at her…she always wanted to make everything herself. I would have had a shirt made for my mom that said, “We can make that.” Now I totally understand…
    I love The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink, although I was a “young” child of the 80s, being born in ’78, so I haven’t appreciated these movies until more recently. So “MY” 80s experience was Smurfs, Gummy Bears (the cartoon), and getting glasses for the first time….big, plastic frames that were so dorky. Maybe when you start flashing back to the 90s, I’ll have more to contribute. 🙂

  4. Oh, but I do totally remember stirrup pants and how badly I wanted some. And jelly shoes and jelly bracelets, too. And Max Headroom from the Pepsi commercials.

  5. Amy, I feel your pain. I had to get glasses in 8th grade, on a school day, no less! They were pink plastic frames (clear) and the lenses needed a pink tint to them because of the strain on my eyes. I was DEVASTATED to have to get them and then go to school right after, I was in tears! My mom’s effort to cheer me up was to tell me that I was lucky because I got to see the world through “rose colored glasses”. I think that comment was what sent me from gentle tears to frantic sobs.

  6. I JUST WATCHED that movie last weekend – remember – the girls in the office made me a list of “must watch” movies. Dear Katie brought me 16 Candles – too funny! I remember all those 80s items – I am of that generation – just movie illiterate I guess! 🙂

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