Posted by: simplyelizabeth | December 5, 2008

Flashback Friday!


Welcome to this week’s edition of FLASHBACK Friday!  (said in an echoing, booming voice)

Because it’s Christmastime, I feel I would be remiss if I did not dedicate a Flashback Friday to, drum role please, We Are The World! 

Oh my goodness no!  You couldn’t possibly have grown up in the 80’s without having this 45 record.  Yep, it was a 45 as opposed to an LP.  (Why do I feel as if I’m giving a history lesson?)

Before I present the original video, I want you to know I haven’t been blogging for good reason.  We’ve had the creeping crud, or flu as some people would call it, running rampant throughout our house.  We have also redone DD’s room and it was a major undertaking.  There will soon be a post to recap the two exciting weeks we’ve had in our house.  I believe I will title it, “A Tale of Two Toilets” or maybe, “Buckets of Barf”. . . . no, that’s too gross” and there’s always “Extreme Room Redo”.  So much to think of, so little time.

And I am now proud to present, for your viewing pleasure, “We Are The World”

Hugs & Blessings, Elizabeth



  1. We had this record. I loved it! Glad you are back. We’ve missed you!

  2. Tina Turner – isn’t she great??!!

  3. What an excellent reminder of what comes from everyone coming together!!!

    Hope your buckets are soon not filled with barf!

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