Posted by: simplyelizabeth | December 26, 2008

Oh Holy Cow – I Mean Night

I know that Christmas was officially yesterday, but I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m a little behind on the whole posting thing.  (I feel like me saying this is deja vu all over again.)  Anyway, I must relay yet another touching tale of brotherly love.

Last Sunday was our church kid’s Christmas program.  DD is too old to participate anymore – and is thankful for such things.  The boys are about the right age so I sent them packing to play practice on Saturdays.  They labored and toiled with the rest of the kiddos and when their hard work was through, they had done well.

At one point, my three boys were singing together.  They were supposed to walk up to the microphone together to do their part.  I was anxious to see the fruits of their labor.  I’m not so sure about the fruits of their labor, but what I did see warmed my heart and the hearts of several others.  They walked to the microphone and DS#1 put his arms around his brothers and they did the same.  They were working together for a common cause.  (I say that, but in the recesses of my mind I wonder if DS#1 had his brothers held tightly so they would not run away.)  When it came time for them to sing, he pulled them in closer to himself.  I guess he was afraid they wouldn’t be heard so he wanted them closer to the mike. 

I was sitting down front trying to capture the moment through photography when my Pastor leaned over and said, “Elizabeth, I think that qualifies as a double head lock.”  Yes, that’s what the whole thing looked like.  Was DS#1 being a loving caretaker of his brothers or was he just using the opportunity to assert himself as the oldest and strongest?  As the mommy, I’ll hope it was the first thought love – since it’s Christmas time.

DS#3 had an act of his own going on.  About half way through the play I believe he decided he was bored and the whole thing needed a bit more passion.  During “Good Christian Men Rejoice” he broke out into his own rendition and choreography.  I will say one name and you will get the picture – Stevie Wonder.  Yep, my husband and I created a kid with some serious soul.  His eyes were shut and his head was going back and forth just like Stevie does when he’s really into what he’s singing. 

DS#3 wasn’t done with adding flavor to the play.  He repeated poked DS#2 in the choir and at one point I was afraid one little angel was going to thump another.  I was so very proud of DS#2 because he just gave him dirty looks and displayed restraint and self control.  When DS#3 couldn’t get a rise out of DS#2, he resorted to making faces while he sang.  He raised his eyebrows up and down, made many O’s with his mouth and even gave a great big grin while sticking his index fingers in would be dimples and twisting them back and forth as Shirley Temple did. 

Oh my we were proud parents.  My DH caught the whole thing on video for posterity’s sake and we will be utilizing this video as leverage when he’s a teenager and being unreasonable.  If I can figure out how, I’ll download some of it for your viewing enjoyment.

It really was kinda funny and we too chuckled with the pew in front of us about his antics – but don’t tell him that.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!  Continue to hold the spirit of the season and let it guide you into the new year.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. That sounds like a great family event and I’m so glady Katie has evidence for later.

  2. They were really cute! It was a great program, but seeing your boys up there in their headlock, er, loving grip, was truly a sweet sight.

  3. They were great! I loved them (& the rest of the kiddos, too!)

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