Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 12, 2009


What is it about Monday?  I like Friday much better.  I wonder if Monday had a different name if we would feel the same way about it.  I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone, but for the most part, I feel that Monday’s are kinda yuk. 

Monday’s are even more yuk to me when I’ve had a good weekend.  I think the family had a good weekend and I just didn’t want it to end.  Saturday, DS#1 had a basketball game in the morning.  We all went to the game, came home, had lunch and dug in on the house.  Everybody helped and I even got my mommy to come over.  We rearranged the living room and did a little decorating.  That night, DS#1 had a friend spend the night.  I think the friend had a good time.  I always offer a therapy session on us after a child has stayed the night because of the nuttiness in our humble abode, but his parents said he was fine.  (We’ll see because sometimes there is a delayed reaction.  You know, Post Tramatic Mess Syndrome)

Sunday was good at church.  We came home, had lunch, played Wii and DD & I made cookies.  I had an exceptionally delightful time with my daughter this weekend.  We bonded.  She wanted to tell me about some books she’s read and she sat next to me on the couch and flung her legs over mine.  (That’s major affection from her to me . . . .or maybe it’s passive aggressive . . . I’ll vote for affection.)

This morning I got DD up and she informed me she had a headache and her stomach hurt.  I asked if she’d taken anything for her headache and she said no. I suggested some medicine, crackers and a hot shower.  She got down out of bed and I got her the goods.  I held up the crackers and she ran to the bathroom.  Maybe I shouldn’t have shown them to her?  So she stayed home today.  Well, she went to her grandma’s.  She’s old enough to be by herself, but knows I’ll stay if she needs me. 

As I was shooing the boys out the door, she said, “Are you going to work?”

“Yes.  I was planning on it.  Do you want me to stay home with you?”

DD, “No, but can you call Grandma and see if she’ll come over?”

I tried not to take too much offense.  I called grandma and she said bring the little darlin’ over.  So I did.

I wonder if I can go over there the next time I’m sick.  I’ll have to ask.

I’m desperately praying (I do that a lot, don’t I?) that the boys don’t get this because it will get real ugly in our house if they do.  They’re like little petri dishes on steroids since they share a room.  As soon as one is over an illness another gets it and it can go on for weeks. 

If you feel so moved, you can desperately pray for us too. 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Aw, I’m so glad you had a great weekend! Those are moments to be cherished…especially with a teenage girl. I sure hope she is feeling better soon, and that the rest of the family has immune systems of steel. 🙂

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