Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 13, 2009

I Was Not Born Yesterday

So I related that DD came down with the flu yesterday morning and my deep desire and persistent prayer to keep this away from the rest of the family.  So far, so good – but DS#1 had to give it his best shot this morning.

He started plotting last night.  I went out after the kiddos were in bed to do my grocery shopping.  When I returned, DH told me that DS#1 had been up and complained of not feeling well.  He said he’d been sick to his stomach, but DH said he didn’t hear anything.  I figured we’d know for sure one way or the other in the middle of the night.

This morning, while I was in the shower, DS#2 came in the bathroom to tell me that DS#1 was sick.  I asked if he was sure and he said yes.  Quite frankly, at that point I was glad I was in the shower and not handling the incident. 

Selfish – yes. 

Truthful – yes. 

Would you feel the same way – yes.

So when I got out, I went to go check on the little darlin’.  I find him laying on the couch, face down with a cover over him.  DH tells me DS#1 said he got up in the middle of the night and got sick.  Riiiiiiight.

No one and I mean NO ONE gets up in the middle of the night and gets sick and does not inform me of the situation.  DH even lets me know.  They all know I want to be kept abreast of their well being no matter what time of night it is.  It’s a service I provide as the “Mom” of the family.  Heck, I’ve even been available for my mom in the middle of the night and she lives across town. 

If you too would like to take advantage of this service, feel free to call me at 217-826-I DON’T THINK SO. 

Anyway, after a short conversation with my eldest son, I determined he was not sick, but wanted a day at home to play the computer and video games by himself.  (I’d like a day at home to play by myself too.)  I very gently explained to him that he was going to school.  When he seemed resistant, I, once again, very gently, let him know he was going indeed, but I was going to give him a couple of choices.  I’m just that kind of mom.  I thought he would appreciate feeling like he had a say in the matter.

The choices I gave him were how he would arrive at school today.  I told him he could go fully clothed or in his underwear and he could have a full tummy from eating breakfast or an empty one from not eating breakfast while trying to perpetuate the falsehood of being sick. 

 I’m happy to report he went fully clothed with a full tummy.  I told him he had chosen wisely.  I felt victorious in that he took me seriously.  It was a win win situation for all. 🙂

And may you too be fully clothed and have a fully belly today.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


  1. Drats. Smart mommy wins again.

  2. Don’t just love it when you win those battles. Makes you feel like a good mom. I feel your not doing your duty unless someone is not getting their way. It’s mom’s way or no way!!!! 🙂

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