Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 15, 2009

He’s Copying Me!

This has become an epidemic at our house as of late.  I’ve tried explaining that it’s really a compliment because it means “he/she” likes what you do and wants to be like you. 

Yeah.  It doesn’t fly at my home either.  (Do I get the same E for effort that DS#1 got earlier this week for playing sick?)

It has gotten a little out of control at our house and is most apparent at the dinner table.  DS#2 decided several months ago that whatever DS#1 wanted, he wanted too.  DS#2 would wait to say what he would have on his plate and to drink until he knew what DS#1’s choices were. 

Of course, I went at it from the perspective of “stand on your own two feet and think for yourself” with DS#2 while simultaneously telling DS#1 “He’s doing it because he thinks you’re so cool”.   It was to no avail. 

I didn’t just lose this battle, I’m afraid I’ve lost the war.  I’m smokin’ and not in the good way.  Call 911 because I’m going down in flames, baby!

It has now manifested itself in this way.  DS#1 will no longer have anything to drink at meals.  When you ask him what he wants, he says nothing and means it.  No milk, water or any other beverage that may be offered.  Well, unless it’s Friday night pizza night and then they all get Pepsi.  He drinks milk and water, just not at meals so his brother can’t copy him. 

It’s a drink for Pete’s sake! 

Now that I have told this little ditty, I must confess.  I felt the same twinge of  self-righteousness this morning. 

Here I was, innocently surfing on my computer this morning, when I stumbled upon a violation of my creativity.  I feel used.  I feel as if someone has stolen from me.  I feel  . . . . depressed, despondent and devoid of hope for my blogging future. 

What happened you ask?

I popped over to BooMama and saw her Linky Interwebby Awesomeness from yesterday.   What was staring at me, but her reference to another blogger who had a terrific idea that will be starting tomorrow.  (Choke, sob, sob, sob)

It’s . . . it’s . . . . . it’s . . . . . .Flashback Friday and it’s not a link to me! (Like BooMama even knows who I am!)  I don’t even know this person she speaks of – but darnit – She’s copying me! 

I don’t care if she’s nice and I don’t take it as a compliment.  I’m sure she’s lurked on my blog before because I’m sure I’m the only one clever and witty enough to come up with this concept! 

Aren’t I?  (you can reinforce my delusions of grandeur by telling me how great I am here – feel free to agree with me – it’ll make me feel better)

Maybe God has brought this to may attention so that I may better help DS#1 with his feelings.  Maybe God has brought this to my attention to remind me my thoughts are not exclusively mine, so deal with it. 

Aaarrgghh!  I hate humble pie!  It always tastes a little bitter to me.

At any rate – you can rest easy knowing that I will be continuing with my own version of Flashback Friday.  On that note, I expect to see all 10 of you or so that check in here to be present tomorrow so I can continue to live in my little bubble of happiness.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


  1. Aw, E. I saw that on BooMama yesterday. If it helps, her version of Flashback Friday is totally different than yours. So, I say keep yours up! That can be a struggle in the blog world. I read blogs all the time that make me think “Oooh, that was really good. I could do my own spin on that and just give credit to the originator.” There’s a lot of good stuff out there, yours included. I like how you can see some parenting parallels in it, though. 🙂

  2. Yup, I saw it too. I thought “Oh, that’s not an original idea!” although I haven’t checked the other one out yet. My way of avoiding this kind of thing is to just write. About me. About my life. About God. I try to avoid the trends and rather enjoy the creativity of other bloggers out there. If it helps, I’ll be loyal to your Flashback Friday because it’s the TRUE original. 🙂

  3. I’m sure that your version of Flashback Friday is much, much better!! I have not checked the violator out, and as a true and loyal friend and reader WILL NOT!!! 🙂

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