Posted by: simplyelizabeth | February 5, 2009

Now what?

Throughout my children’s lives they seem to be stricken with aversions to certain types of clothing.  It just depends on the season and their mood.  My DD started refusing to wear overalls before she was even three.  I thought they were adorable on her and she thought her sense of style was of a higher calling. 

When DS#1 was in kindergarten, we had to forgo jeans all together because he didn’t like the way they felt.  He said, and I quote, “They’re too tight on my peepee.  It’s too big for them.” 

Hmmmmm.  (My how they become impressed with that at an early age!)

Listen, he said it – I didn’t – so don’t shoot the messenger.

DS#2 went through a stage where he wouldn’t wear a turtleneck because it choked him.  If I would put one on him he would literally act as if he were choking to death.  There was coughing, sputtering and he would put his hands around his neck.  It was quite a site.  Theater may be in his future.

We now have a joint effort to ban certain pieces of clothing in our house.  DS#2 & DS#3 have joined forces to rid the world of “button up pants.”  You may be thinking this is a repeat of the “DS#1 jean episode”, but it is not.  You see, all pants with buttons have become unacceptable to them. 

Why you ask? 

Well, that my friends may be the million dollar question.

I’ve asked, of course, and the responses range from “the button won’t stay shut” to “I don’t like ’em.”  I wasn’t aware of the fact that buttons shut, but who am I?  The “I don’t like ’em” answer is pretty straight forward, so even I don’t need clarity on this one.  For the most part, there is a different answer every day.

I am running out of “pull-up” pants and I think the two little darlins’ are going to have to grin and bear it and button up.  I can’t keep up with the laundry I’ve got let alone do special loads to ensure they have “pull-up” pants.

Never in a million years did I think I would be having arguments with my children about whether or not their pants have buttons. 

I guess that ‘s better than them not wanting to wear pants at all.   

Wow!  Suddenly I’m thankful.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Oh, the peepee remark is priceless! I can only imagine the sense of humor God is going to give our child one day…something tells me we’ll have quite a little comedian on our hands, once you combine my husbands sense of humor and my sense of mischievous behavior when I was a kid!

  2. I hope for his sake, he does not read this blog when he is 16. 🙂

    I also hated turtlenecks when I was little. I got over it in my college years, so there’s still hope.

  3. That is too funny. My DS #1 will wear anything you put in front of him – always has (until recently – you know – the teen thing – but he’s still easy to please). My DS #2 has been the hard one to please – even at age 7 – I will not buy him something unless he has approved it. No need to waste the money, if he don’t like it, he won’t wear it. He has been this way since he was able to talk. Makes it hard to use the hand-me-downs!!! I thought that was only a girl thing – but so WRONG!!!

  4. You could offer them skirts as an alternative. I’m guessing they will suddenly be OKay with buttons.

  5. Your family is hilarious. You’ll really be able to bribe them someday w/ this site.

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