Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 18, 2009

Alligators, Mice and Spoiled Milk. Oh My!

My how time flies when you don’t pay attention.  I always have in my head of how I want to be – how I want my life and the life of my family to run – and I am so far out of the ballpark it’s not even funny. 

Take my blog for example.  I finally decided that posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be acceptable to me.  I decided that would lead me to having a “respectable” blog.  Well, need I say more. 

So enough of  my shortcomings and on with blogging!

Yesterday I took DD for some testing in Union in Terre Haute.  Over the last few months she’s had “episodes” where she would get lightheaded, pasty looking and break out in a sweat.  The dr. wanted to rule out that it had anything to do with her heart, and thankfully, yesterday those tests confirmed that her heart is perfectly fine.  I’ve had a peace about it, but I think DD just wasn’t sure – so now she knows too. 

Even though most of our day was spent in the hospital, we had a really good day.  We both enjoy the times we get to have where it’s just the two of us.  We talk about silly things and nothing at all yet it’s all good conversation because she has my undivided attention.  This leads me to the conversation we had on the way to town. 

Right outside Terre Haute there is some very swampy land that the road goes over.  In talking about nothing, I said, “You know, I heard that some group is trying to get this area designated as a wet lands preserve.  I don’t know what there is to preserve, but I’m sure there’s something worth the time and effort in there we just don’t see from out here.”

DD, “I used to think there were alligators out there.”

Me, “Really?”

DD, “Yeah, it scared me to think about it.”

Me, “Did you think they were going to crawl up on the road and get us?”

DD, “I don’t know.  I just didn’t like looking out there.  I used to be scared of ants too.  One time I had a dream about Pringles and ants.  There was this guy in my dream who had ants for eyes and Kirty (her cousin) was eating Pringles in the dream.”

Me, “Wow!  Maybe I need to check into some other kind of testing for you today.  That’s some whacked out dream.  Do you still dream those things.”

DD, “No.  If you think I need checked out, what about DS#1.  He’s got a way weird imagination.”

Me, “He’s just creative. LOL”

This lead me to remember a conversation that one of DS#1’s Sunday school teachers had with me one morning.  She asked me about mice in our house.  Now, this was before the “critter” incident.  Evidently, DS#1 told her that I caught mice, with my bare hands and I would then shave them and knit with their fur.

Oooooooo!  Yuk!  Yuk!  Yuk!

So, should I be concerned about the random thoughts my children are having?  Maybe I need to start going to the alter about them and praying over them while they sleep. 

How about you pray for them too.  If you have any specific prayer requests, feel free to forward them to me and I’ll return the favor.  Maybe we should start a support group.  You all can think about it and get back to me.  We could call our support group . . . . . . . . . Cracked Vessels Anonymous – since we’re all a little cracked up (ie – crazy) anyway – or CVA for short.  If you say it out loud, CVA, it kinda sounds like PTA which makes me think of Harper Valley PTA.  LOL  Remember that my friends? 

OK.  Enough of cracking myself up.

So the last and certainly not least kiddo encounter to share involves DS#3.  Oh yes.  This little darlin’ is, well we just don’t know what he is yet. 

Yesterday morning, before I took DD, DS#3 was bound and determined he should have the breakfast of champions. 

No, I’m not talking about Wheaties.  In the mind of a four year old, PopTarts and chocolate milk make up the breakfast of champions – or of their dreams.

I didn’t have either one of those things on hand, so I stopped at a local convenience store to pick it up.  He ate and drank on the way to the sitter, but didn’t finish it off.  He didn’t want to take it in with him and asked that I put it up for him at home.  I ran home before taking DD, but the ADD set in and I forgot to take his goods in the house.

Fast forward to picking him up – 8 hours later.  He went ahead and got in the vehicle as I finished talking to the sitter.  When I got in, DS#2 said, “DS#3 took a drink of his icky milk.” 

Oh boy!  So I’m thinking to myself, how long until the icky milk reappears.  Can we get home and to the bathroom, or am I going to have to pull over?

Me, “DS#3, did you really take a drink of the milk?”

DS#3, “Yeah, but it didn’t taste icky.  DS#2 shouldn’t tell on me! (picture him saying this with an evil look on his face – he HATES to get caught)

Me, “Oh honey!  You could get sick to your stomach if you drink milk that has not been in the fridge all day.  We just don’t want you to get sick.  Did you take a big drink or a little drink?”

DS#3, “It was only a little drink.  Seriously.  It was.  I didn’t think it was icky.”

Me, “Well, don’t drink any more.  OK?”

Thank goodness the milk did not reappear!

How could the milk not have tasted icky?  I think DS#3 does not what one would call “a discerning palate”.  Of course, my first clue to his condition could have been last week when DS#2 came running into my bathroom in the morning and said, “Mooooooooommmmm!  Tell DS#3 to quit licking my socks!”

Yep.  That’s life at our house.

Makes you thankful for yours, doesn’t it.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I am still just picturing you shaving mice and knitting their fur. So gross, yet so, so funny.

  2. Ok, that was just gross!!! 🙂 But I have to say we have moments like that in our house to!!!

    Glad your FINALLY back!! 🙂

  3. CVA – I love it – you crack me up!! 🙂

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