Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 19, 2009

It Shall Now Be Official – Because I Said So

After yesterday’s blog, I came to the realization that there truly needs to be a group named Cracked Vessels Anonymous.  I think we’ve read the email about the “cracked pot” that watered the flowers along a path, yet thought it was of no use what-so-ever to the world.  Plus, the person who penned it had to be a little nutty to think a pot would talk, right? I mean, doesn’t this describe us all to a certain extent?  If you think it doesn’t, you have other issues to deal with that go beyond my expertise.  Contact me for the name of a good counselor – I have several I’ve used. 🙂

So let’s do it my sisters!

I hereby call to order the first meeting of the CVA – or Crack Vessels Anonymous.  I know you’re not in my presence right now, but feel free to join in any way you can.  The great thing about this new group is you do it on your own time – you know, respond or jump in with whatever, whenever. 

It’s the ADD in me.  I can’t adhere to a rigid schedule.

And now I feel the urge to share a deeply personal incident that happened this morning.  I truly felt like a cracked vessel.  I’ll try very hard to keep it from being too embarrassing for either one of us.

It’s short – I promise.


So I got up this morning and went to tell DD it was time to rise and shine and then hot footed it to my bathroom to . . . . . well it was first thing in the morning.  (The teenager in her loves it when I’m so perky in the morning.)  I soon discovered that a better plan would have been to take care of myself first and then her – kinda like they tell you what to do in case of a plane crash.  That’s not what I did, though.  After I got DD up, I didn’t hot foot it back to my bathroom – I was running in a dead heat.  I don’t think Flo Jo could have caught me this morning.  Just as I entered the facilities – I was just shy of them – they were within my reach or should I say seat – and it happened.  I sneezed.

Yep, I leaked like the cracked pot. 

Crude, but true. 

Then I almost cried, but decided better of it.  There’s no use in crying over spilled milk so why cry over – well, let’s call it “the incident”.  The floor is linoleum for a reason. 

OK – Maybe that was too much info.

I apologize. 

Let’s get down to business.

What shall we discuss at this first meeting of  CVA?

No.  Bladder control issues will be tabled for this session.

How about how easily we can slip into bad habits – even if we’ve been good about curbing them.  Take my WW meeting for instance, I’ve been doing steadily well since the end of August.  That’s a long time to be working on changing eating habits.  You’d think I’d kicked the “addiction”, but it’s not true.  I’ve gained a bit the last two weeks.  Not a lot, but it’s a slippery slope my friend.  I know I’ve shared before that food is my biggest golden calf and all be gosh darn if it hasn’t started to graze in yard again. 

I think I’m going to have to call it a trespasser and shoot it. 

Veal anyone? 

That was bad. 

Not bad enough that I’m going to erase it though – I’m still giggling to myself a bit.

OK girls, and guys if you read too, go out and get that calf of yours.  Lay it on the alter and be done with it!

 Mmmmmm- BBQ!  (I couldn’t resist)

Once again, feel free to share.  There will be no stones thrown from me – I live in a glass house. 🙂

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. You are cracking me up!! There is an upside to having your children by c-section!!! I don’t have to worry about the sneeze! 🙂

    hmmmmm my golden calf, there seem to be a few at the moment, but I guess my biggest would be my love of shoes, purses, and new shiny things!!! Oh help me sister!!!

  2. That is a funny story – probably not a fun way to begin your day. You are not alone there though – most women with children will have or are experiencing this at one time or another. I know.

    Golden calf – I hear you on the food thing. My “Christmas BONUS” to myself was an extra 10 lbs. YUCK. I’m still working on it unfortunately, and summer is coming. It was the chocolate.

    I like your blog – found you from the EmilyJune giveaway.

  3. Oh, E. Just reading that story made me start doing my Kegel exercises. 🙂

    My addiction is wasting time….on the computer, mostly. But just not using my time to the best extent that I could.

    That makes me want to get straight off of this blog and balance my checkbook. Wait…no, it doesn’t.

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