Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

My dear friends – Spring Officially Starts TODAY!  Yippee!  Never mind the fact that the temp will not rise above 55 – I’m rejoicing that the sun is shining!

In honor of the first day of Spring, I think we should visit favorite childhood past-times.  You know the ones.  When we talk about them to our kids, they look at us like we have lobsters crawling out of our ears.

Confession – my kids look at me that way – a lot.  Don’t tell me if yours don’t.  I will be jealous and covet and that is an unbecoming attribute.  Just play along with me, nod your head and smile. 

Thanks!  I knew I could count on you! 🙂

So I grew up in a little town, in a little subdivision, and there were quite a few of us. 

One of our favorite games was “kick the can”.  Yep it was really called that. Ollie Ollie All Come Free!  Is that how that’s all spelled?

Another was spotlight.  You could only play that on the weekends and in the summer because you used a flashlight so obviously it had to be dark.

How many of you had to be in when the street lights came on?  Did you know which one was the absolute last one to come on – all of about 3 minutes later than the first?  You had to know that to buy yourself some more time.

And then how about the “real” roller skates that we had.  There wasn’t any of this roller blade stuff.  There were four wheels –  two in the front and two in the back with a toe stop.  Did you ever go to the skating rink and “shoot the duck”?  I guess you went to the skating rink more in the winter, but in my neighborhood we skated on our driveways and in our garages. 

Oh!  And ride our bikes – my goodness we almost rode the wheels right off our bikes.  I had a basket on mine and tassels on my handles.  It was a pink Schwinn Lil’ Chick.  I got it for Easter from the Easter Bunny.   I really liked that bike and thought it was cool.

When the weather started to get nice, none of us kids were ever at home long.  I ran around with Bobbie, Jamie, Nancy, Brian, Bryan, Tim, Scott, Teresa and Brenda and Jennifer (they were the older kids, but no so much older now) and whoever else might happen to be around. 

For awhile there were some neighbors named Christy and Melissa, but there was a Barbie doll incident between us and I just didn’t care to play with them much anymore after that.  I’m sure you understand.  I have since forgiven and moved on, but it did come up in a couple of therapy sessions.  You just don’t mess with someone else’s Barbies.

It’s serious stuff.

I finally had to come to terms with if Jesus died on the cross for me and my many sinful ways and deeds, then I could no longer hold on to the Barbie incident. 

I say it in jest – but we do tend to hold on to petty things, don’t we?

OK – I’ll get deep later. 

Just be good boys and girls and go to church this weekend and let go of any “Barbie Incident” you might have.  You’ll find it’s a freeing experience. 🙂

I digress – it’s the ADD again!  AAARRRGGGHHH!

So what did you all do when the sun started shining and you could shake off the winter blues?

Do you do some of those things with your kiddos?

Have a gorgeous weekend all!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I remember being “spies” – you know – the kind with the t.p. binoculars??!! I, too, rode the wheels off my bike. The boys have so much ball in the summer, that I just kick myself for not riding the bikes with them as much – I always enjoy it when I do. I was a “pool rat” during the summer. Swim practice early – swim all day at the pool – swim practice late. The whole day was spent at the pool. Oh, the fun of summer time!! Glad you are back E!

  2. So I think we must be exactly the same age – probably from the same neck of the woods. I played the same games and even have some barbie memories – though it wasn’t these that required confessions! I love childhood memories – for the most part. I drive my own kids crazy with these. Don’t feel bad for it driving them crazy – it wouldn’t be childhood if the parents don’t bug them somehow. We’re just doing our job!!

  3. Oh yes, roller skating. That was an after church ritual with my best friend Jessica & I. Only I needed to use “speed skates”, which had wider wheels and went faster. I would constantly trip with the regular skates! Barbie was a favorite of mine – I only played Barbie by myself or with my mom. 🙂 I grew up in rural FL, so I spent a lot of time outside. We did flashlight tag (same as spotlight), played in the dirt (making tunnels underground for the Matchbox cars or making mud pies!) and just dilly-dallied around. I loved my bike! My brother & I got one for Christmas one year – my mom hid them the chicken coop in my grandparents back yard! I used to play “bus driver”, pedaling up and down the street, picking up my imaginary kids and looking in the “mirror” to see who was misbehaving and what not. Oh, this was a great flashback!!!

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