Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 23, 2009

It’s More Fun to Shirk Responsibilities

I’m not advocating today’s title as a model for life, but sometimes you just have to say forget it all and go have fun.  I did Saturday.  I was overcome with irresponsibility where my house was concerned and took the kids shopping and to the park. 

Saturday morning started out as a cleaning day for me.  I got up and immediately started on laundry and dishes. 

Yes, there were dishes undone from the day before.  I’d like to get into Flylady’s groove and leave my sink sparkling, but the bed’s call was louder Friday night.  Don’t tell my mother, OK?  She knows, but she doesn’t like to be reminded.

So anyway, this is was the first Saturday in months, literally, that DS#1 didn’t have a basketball game in the morning.  I went to my first Saturday Zumba class and came home and showered and thought, “It is way too nice to be in the house.”  The boys were already bored with the back yard.  They were digging for treasure under the steps.  The day could have turned ugly fast, but I said, “Let’s go!”  and they went with me – after I washed them off.

I really love it when I feel that my house is clean and presentable.  Truly, it makes me feel good and even clears my mind.  I just feel so much better when I can see my floors and counter tops.  The thing is, it’s a never ending process and the ADD in me gets bored quickly with continuous picking up. 

I likened my house to the Bermuda Triangle in a Facebook post this weekend.  Things mysteriously disappear. 

Never to be found again.

It was soooooo beautiful outside and I began to fear that if I stayed in to do housework, well, I too may disappear. 

Never to be heard from again.

I just couldn’t risk it so we went off to the “BIG” town.

They boys needed new shoes and JCPenney was kind enough to provide those.  You would think the boys are getting handed a million bucks when they get new shoes.  They get so excited.

I needed to return a pair of pants to Old Navy, but the natives were getting restless.  I didn’t want to miss out on good playing time for them, so I told them we would go to the park, but we HAD to come back to a store and they HAD to be good about it.  Of course they all said yes.  Of course I didn’t really believe them, but at least we had the discussion.

So we went off to the park and they had a terrific time.  They were all smiles, made new friends and ran their little legs off.  I got great joy out of seeing their joy.  I reveled in it knowing that these days will be gone all too soon.  I don’t want to get all sappy, but I know I need to enjoy the moment I’m in whether it comes to my little guys (don’t tell them I called them little) or my teenager.  I think it’s because of how quickly time has gone with her that I find myself wanting to cherish any cherish-able moment I can with them.  I want to create good things for them all.  Time spent together is always good – especially if it’s an activity out of the house.

So we were there for about three hours.  DS#1 was playing tag with other kiddos, DS#2 was running around with whoever would run with him and DS#3 found a giant swinging disc on which to play.   DS#3 would ask passers by if they would like to swing with him too.  They would usually oblige.  After we left, he told me he hoped he could come back to play with his new friends again.  I thought it was cute – but I’m his mom so I’m supposed too. 🙂

One the way back to the van, there was a horse drawn wagon inviting us to ride around the park in it.  For a small fee we could take a ride.  Of course I caved and we went.  The driver, Larry, let the boys take turns sitting in the front with him and steering his stead named Pete.  They each had a priceless look on their face – and I didn’t use MasterCard to pay for it. The highlight of the ride for the boys, because they are boys was when Pete had to stop and relieve himself.  He did what we call little potty at our house, but I don’t think you can call it that with a horse.  There were lots of giggles and I believe there was some jealousy in not being able to “whiz”, for lack of a better term, with the force and freedom that Pete could.  It’s a boy thing.  Deep down they all want to be able to run around naked and relieve themselves where ever they want.  At the very least, they want to not be tied to bathrooms. 

Can I get an Amen from mothers of boys?

So after riding with Pete and Larry, we went to Old Navy.  After that, we went to Outback. (Surprise!  I knew you wouldn’t be. If you are, check here, here and here.)

We had to wait for about 10 minutes to get a table – I called ahead because I’m no dumb bunny – and I could tell when we sat down that my little darlin’s were running out of steam. 

The littlest darlin’ said he wanted to sit on my lap.  This is the conversation that transpired.

DS#3, “Mommy, I like you and love you a lot.”

Me, “Oh honey.  I like you and love you a lot too.”

DS#3, “I wish you could be my girlfriend.”

DS#2, “She can’t be your girlfriend silly!  She’s married to Daddy!”

Me, “Thank you for the thought honey, but it’s against the law too.”

DS#3, ” I know she’s married to Daddy!  I just love her!”

DS#2, “She’s been married before though.  Like, 9 times.”

Me, “Excuse me!  I have not been married nine times.”  (I got a weird look from a couple sitting next to us.) “Where did you get that?”

DS#2, “Well, you were married to sissy’s daddy.”

Me, “Yes, but that is THE ONLY other time.  Now I’m married to Daddy and that’s it.  No more.  Got it?”

DS#2, “Geez Mommy!  OK.  (giggle, giggle and giggle some more)

I think DS#3 is still confused. 

DS#1 didn’t really enter this conversation because he was holding the buzzer.  He was deeply concentrating on it so we would know when our table was ready.  It’s a big responsibility to hold the buzzer.

That’s our weekend in a nutshell.  The house never did get it’s due.  It paid me back this morning though because I couldn’t find my brown trouser socks.  I’m just lucky it didn’t take my shoes or a piece of jewelry.  It’s done that before you know. 

Maybe I’ll have mercy on the house later tonight.  Maybe it will have mercy on me and return my trouser socks.

So how about you all – good weekend?  Do you feel like your house likens to the Bermuda Triangle?

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Amen, sister! That sounds like so much fun! I need to be more carefree like that – I always enjoy it when I do! And, aren’t they special kiddos that get to go to a “grown up” place like Outback – I try NOT to have the kiddos when I go somewhere like that!! AND – it cracks me up that #1 was too involved in the buzzer to comment on the conversation!! I didn’t have any fun carefree things that took me away from my Bermuda Triangle – maybe tonight! 🙂

  2. You and your 9 husbands!!!! LOL!! That totally cracked me up!! DS#3 will one day in the future say something to you about this, letting you know that he is still trying to figure that one out!!

  3. Sounds exactly the way a Saturday is supposed to be. And really, E? 9 times? Sounds like you need to open up to us a little bit more.

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