Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 25, 2009

I Speak, You Speak, He Speaks, She Speaks

Last Friday I found a link on BooMama about entering a contest to win a scholarship to go to the Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference at the end of July in Concord, North Carolina.  (Do you think I could fit another prepositional phrase in the preceding sentence?  Just wondering.) The details to enter are located here on Lysa Terkeust’s blog.  I’ve lurked on Lysa’s blog many a day and I’m faithful to reading the P31 daily devotional.  I can only imagine the excitement that comes from being at the She Speaks conference with all these Godly women.

I felt the call to enter as soon as I read it.  It went something like this.

Ring Ring Ring

Me, “Hello?”

God, “Elizabeth, God here.  I think you should take a stab at this She Speaks Conference scholarship contest.”

Me, “I don’t know God.  There are so many others better equipped.  There are so many others that are a better example.  I don’t even have a very big following.  I just have a faithful few and I know they know you, so how could you use me?”

God, “My dear Elizabeth . . . . . have you forgotten that I don’t call you to be already equipped to serve?  I call you to be willing.  Don’t you think I know there are others that are a better examples?  You’re still growing my child. What I know is your heart.”

Me, “I feel a little like Scrooge and I’m wondering if I’m really having this conversation or if it’s something I ate gone bad.  I mean, c’mon.  I write about all the short comings of myself and my family.  There’s the boys affinity for bad bathroom habits and anything to do with the potty (aside – Why did you make boys to like gross stuff?  Can you answer me this in our conversation?) and I’ve divulged personal embarrassing moments, less than flattering moments of myself, my husband and I’ve even made fun of my poor, blond, teenage daughter – with her permission, but the point is, once again, should I really step out in faith and enter?”

God, “Let me start with your aside.  I believe the “gross” stuff you refer to is because I created man from clay.  Consider it a calling back to their roots, so to speak.  They will always be drawn to dirt and dirty stuff.  If it makes you feel better, they don’t understand you either. As far as the rest of your babble goes, it’s just that. Babble.  I’ve told you to enter and I expect you to follow through. I know you’ve quietly desired to go to this conference for years and I believe the gifted people that will be there will help you to hone your skills.  Now, as you so often tell your children, I didn’t ask you, I told you and this is the end of the conversation.  And don’t forget I always love you. ”

Me, “God?  God? God?  Um, hello?  Wow!  I don’t think I’ll be eating cold pizza for breakfast anymore!”

 So, in a nutshell, not a nuthouse, this is what transpired.  Who am I to argue with God?  I know I have a heart for women’s ministry and making people laugh and writing.  If there is someway I can use all of those things to bring people to the Lord or bring them closer in their walk, I know God will use me.  I know that the She Speaks conference is where the cream of the crop will be.  Maybe there will be a few nuts like me too.  A crop is a crop whether it corn or nuts – right? 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I like the new background.

    And keep obeying God-He knows what He’s doing. You go!

  2. Usually, when I argue with God…. I lose the argument one way or another!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the heads up on my post for the scholarship. Girl, I read those rules about 5,468 times and I still missed something. I’ll blame it on brain fuzz. Or the fact that every time I gave birth, I felt like I lost brain cells. 🙂
    Thanks again!

  4. Recently I told my 4 year old boy, “I love you more than air.” To which he replied, “I love you more than toilets.”

    Which is quite a lot in his world.

    If I go to She Speaks, I’m going to leave a case of handy wipes, and directions to the McDonalds drive-thru. 🙂

    Good luck to you!!!

  5. You go girl – you can do it! I thought I was on the wrong web page at first with the new colors – they are a “spring clean” color!!

  6. Wow look at your fancy new page!!! 🙂 I’m with Wendy, I thought I had made a typo and ended up somewhere else.

    I love it! If they don’t pick you, I think they will be getting a phone call themselves from God!!

  7. Well written Friend! I hope you win!

  8. Love the new blog! Is this a picture from your vacation last summer? So pretty!
    Thanks for telling your buddies about this. It is very thoughtful of you.
    I think we all can use a phone call from God now and then. 🙂

  9. I love the comment about God calling us to be willing, not equipped.

    Praying for your ministry and wishing you luck in the contest!

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