Posted by: simplyelizabeth | April 29, 2009

High and Lifted Up

So today has been particularly trying for me because I received papers from the ex about DD living with him and it was laced with a few extra goodies that I was not expecting. 

For the record – I was expecting the unexpected.

I just didn’t have the specifics.

Thus, the unexpected part. 🙂

Have I baffled you brilliance?

Hey!  Watch the sarcastic comments!  That’s my job, thank you.

So anyway, back to the story you didn’t know I was telling you. 

I was handling the document I received fairly well and then this morning I get a call from school that DD is feeling dizzy and has a nose bleed.  One would think they’re related, but they’re not.  I spoke with the nurse and she voiced concern to me about her emotional state.  I have been concerned about her emotional state too.  There are things working in her and on her that I can’t comprehend because she won’t share them with me.  I know the emotional strain has led to physical symptoms. 

I shared my despair with a friend and she shared with me that the only thing you can do in times like these is pray.  She said she wished there were something she could do, something she could say that would fix the situation. Her quote, “In times like these, I can lift you up in prayer.”

Oh my do my family and I need that!

Because I cope in a humorous/sarcastic way, I replied, “And aren’t you glad I’m down 35lbs?  Just think of how much harder it would be if I were still lugging that around!”

Couldn’t resist. 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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