Posted by: simplyelizabeth | May 6, 2009

Hair Cut

Last night I decided would be the night that I got out my clippers and gave the boys a hair cut.  I decided somewhat spur of the moment. 

Earlier in the evening I knew I wanted us to have a good “family” night.  I fixed tacos and stuff that goes with tacos and rented Hotel For Dogs from the Red Box.  We’d already seen it at the movies, but I felt it was worth watching again.  The kids felt the same.

I let them have Pepsi and eat in the living room while we watched.  As I was sitting on the couch with DS#2 & DS#3, I realized that their legs looked as if they hadn’t bathed in three weeks.  DS#3 was starting to lose interest in the movie so I told him it would be bath time for him as soon as I got the water run in the tub.  DS#2 thought he would like to join in.  I was happy I would not have a fight on my hands.  DS#2 also reminded me that for two weeks I’ve been saying the boys were past due a hair cut. 

I said, “OK, we’ll do it!”

No time like the present.  I’m trying to work on my procrastination issues.

So, the little darlin’s got in the tub while we finished the movie.  They “washed” their hair.  I use quotes for wash because they decided to do it on their own and I believe the suds were from bubble bath.  Anyway, I took them out and started shearing. 

They were definitely over due. 

As I was doing DS#2’s hair, he said, “I want it really short like Matteo.  His hair is cool!”

Me, “Who’s Matteo?”

DS#2, “He’s in my class.  He’s really short and his hair is really short.  When he gets all hot and sweaty, his hair gets wet.  I want to see if mine will too.  It’s really cool.”

I heard about how cool it was for the next ten minutes. 

This morning he told me today is PE day and he can’t wait to see if his hair gets wet like Matteo’s. 

I don’t understand why some things are cool to boys and some are not.  I don’t have to – I just have to raise them.

And can I add that I don’t know Matteo?  I’ve never seen Matteo in my life – to my recollection.  I’m going to have to check DS#2’s yearbook.  I feel comfortable putting Matteo’s name out there because if I don’t know him . . . I’m going to assume you don’t either.

So I also told DS#1, I’ll finish scissor trimming you in the morning because it’s past your bed time and I need my time you need your sleep. 


It’s this morning and I’m yelling across the house for him to come to my bathroom. 

He wants to argue with me. 

I don’t want to argue with him.

After the third request and protest I state, “Listen.  You’ll either come to me right now or you will not be spending the night with your friend a week from Friday.  I’m totally serious.”

DS#1, “Fine, I’m coming.”  He reluctantly heads my way making his steps heavy so I’m sure to know his displeasure.

I simultaneously hear DS#2 say, “Well that sure made him get with it.” 

I love my kids.  Truly I do.  They make me laugh everyday.  I feel it’s Gods built in protection/personal security system for them so DH and I don’t kill ’em.

Maybe I shouldn’t have just typed that out for cyberspace to see. 


We’ll just keep it our secret!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


  1. Gotta love those boy issues – sweat & the such!

  2. Wow, I wonder if Matteo knows he is the cool kid in class. With a name like Matteo, you are simply bound for coolness. I love that any boy thinks that sweat is cool, and I hope they all grow out of that thinking eventually. 🙂

  3. I feel your pain sister!! Both of my kids argue, and I always point out that for the time they spent arguing they could already be done with it!! Ahhhh the joys of child rearing.

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