Posted by: simplyelizabeth | May 29, 2009

The Return of Flashback Friday!

Do do do doooooo!   (hear the trumpets?)

So this week I’m a little more consistant than the last 6 or so have been.  I’m celebrating with some of my dearest memories and maybe they’re memories for you too.

Do you remember all the dreams you had in High School about who you would be and where you would be?  I do vividly. 

I had two dreams.  1.  I wanted to be the next Connie Chung.   2.  I wanted to be the next Patti LuPone. 

Yes, they were lofty.  Yes, they would have been fun.  No, I wouldn’t trade my children in on them. 

Absolutely I wouldn’t!  What?  And miss this conversation from this morning between myself and DS #3? 

DS#3, “You’re a hot dog!”

Me, “You’re a hot dog!”

DS#3, “You’re a hot dog!”

Me, “You’re a hot dog!”

DS#3, “You’re a hot dog!”

Me, “You’re a hot dog!”

DS#3, “You’re a BUN!”

Me, “You’re pickle relish and you make me pucker!”

Who would want to miss that mind stimulating conversation? 

I digress.

So, I wanted to be a news anchorwoman.  I liked the whole idea – even though I had no idea what the whole idea encompassed.  The idea appealed to me.  I would be prominent, pretty and powerful and living in New York City.  What more could one want?

I also wanted to be on Broadway.  I was realistic enough to know I would never be the lead, but I though I could be a heck of a character actress.  I would be living in New York City and that was good enough for me! 

The Connie Chung thing had better money potiential, but broadway would be more fun.

Sooooo, to come around full circle – or maybe make a figure eight – Susan Boyle has rekindled my love of 80’s broadway musicals.  I was absolutely in love with Les Miserable and thus fell in love with Patti LuPone. 

Ahhhhh.  What a voice!

And then Susan Boyle brought out another of my favorites – Memory from CATS!  You cannot possibly be a child of the 80’s and into musicals and not say that CATS affected you. 


If you can say that, then don’t tell me or talk to me about it because I may feel obliged to unleash my passion about the subject upon you.

Without further ado – here’s I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable with Pattie LuPone.  If this does not float your boat, see the next video of Memory from CATS.  If neither one float your boat, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Just kidding.

Although I will be guarded when I am around you from now on. 




  1. okay… I HATE Cats. Of all the wonderful things to come off Broadway, CATS never makes my top list… ever.

  2. I cannot respond…

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